The Pharaoh’s Scribe Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics Personalised Name Scroll


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The Pharaoh’s Scribe Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics Personalised Name Scrolls

The Pharaoh’s Scribe ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics name scrolls are provided ready for framing on A4 parchment paper, which is 210mm x 297mm or 11.75 x 8.25 inches in size. Each scroll can display any first name (up to 13 characters in length) and an optional tagline of your choice (up to 65 characters in length). Also available as a JPG download with the same parchment background.

The smaller text at the top of the scrolls (as shown below) reads:

“The name YourName written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, as it may have looked more than 4000 years ago.”

An optional tagline may be added underneath the cartouche, up to 65 characters in length. If no tagline is provided, the following will be used instead:

For letter for letter translations:
The cartouche above shows letter for letter translation.

For phonetic translations:
The cartouche above shows ‘sounds like’ phonetic translation.

We offer two methods of translating any first name into Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Note: This will translate any name up to 13 characters in length.

1) Letter for letter translation. Easiest to understand today and a popular method. While not as historically accurate as the second method, it offers a style and visual impact unmatched.

2) The ancient Egyptians by and large did not use vowels, and their ‘alphabet’ consisted of the phonetic sounds and consonants depicted by the 134 hieroglyphic signs, much like our phonetics of today. This method uses an advanced ‘metaphone’ formula to determine what the name ‘sounds like’. Using this method insures a more accurate depiction of what the scribe may have actually written. We suggest the name ‘Christopher’ as a good example of this method.

Letter for letter translation for the name Christopher

Pharaoh's Scribe Letter For Letter

Phonetic ‘sounds like‘ translation for the name Christopher

Pharaoh's Scribe Phonetic Name Scroll

Please keep in mind that the name scrolls that our software produces (which was developed after 10 years of research) is designated ‘for entertainment only‘ and is not an exhaustive educational treatise on the subject. However, we do strive for the highest level of accuracy in translations.

Processing Time: normally the same day or within 24-48 hours.
Postage: £1.00 (UK 1st Class); Download: No postage, or £3.50 (International Airmail)

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