First Names A to M

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Aalam, Aalamgir, Aali, Aalim, Aaltje, Aamir, Aaqil, Aaren, Aarian, Aariel, Aarif, Aarifin, Aaron, Aaronas, Aasir, Aatami, Aba, Abadi, Abadie, Abagael, Abagail, Abagale, Abagil, Aban, Abba, Abbad, Abban, Abbas, Abbas, Abbasi, Abbe, Abbee, Abbegail, Abbegale, Abbegayle, Abbey, Abbi, Abbia, Abbiah, Abbie, Abbigail, Abbigale, Abbigayle, Abbondio, Abbud, Abby, Abbye, Abbygail, Abbygale, Abbygayle, Abd, Abda, Abdallah, Abdel, Abdias, Abduh, Abduh, Abdul, Abdul Ali, Abdul Awwal, Abdul Azim, Abdul Aziz, Abdul Baari, Abdul Barr, Abdul Basit, Abdul Batin, Abdul Fattah, Abdul Ghaffar, Abdul Ghafur, Abdul Ghani, Abdul Haafiz, Abdul Haakim, Abdul Hadi, Abdul Hafiz, Abdul Hakam, Abdul Hakeem, Abdul Halim, Abdul Hamid, Abdul Haqq, Abdul Hasib, Abdul Hayy, Abdul Jabbar, Abdul Jalil, Abdul Jamil, Abdul Kafi, Abdul Karim, Abdul Khaaliq, Abdul Khayr, Abdul Latif, Abdul Maajid, Abdul Majeed, Abdul Malik, Abdullah, Abe, Abegail, Abegale, Abegayle, Abelard, Abellona, Abelone, Abeloona, Abels, Abernethy, Abessa, Abgail, Abgale, Abgayle, Abia, Abia, Abiah, Abid, Abid, Abida, Abidah, Abidan, Abidin, Abidullah, Abigael, Abigael, Abigail, Abigal, Abigal, Abigale, Abigayil, Abigayle, Abigel, Abira, Abishag, Ablius, Abner, Abou, Abra, Abraham, Abrahan, Abram, Abraomas, Abrar, Abreal, Abreale, Abree, Abri, Abrial, Abriale, Abriana, Abrianna, Abrielle, Abrienne, Abrietta, Abrim, Abrosios, Absalom, Absar, Abu, Abu, Abu Bakr, Abu Dawud, Abu Hanifa, Abu Isa, Abu Talib, AbuHahab, Abul Alaa, Abul Baqa Khalid, Abul Baqi, Abul Barakat, Abul Bashar, Abul Bashar, Abul Farah, Abul Fath, Abul Fazi, Abul Futah, Abul Hasan, Abul Husayn, Abul Kalam Azad, Abul Kalam Azad, Abul Mahasin, AbuSharif, Abutalid, Abya, Abyan, Abyaz, Acacia, Acantha, Ace, Acey, AchadHaam, Achbor, Achill, Achille, Achilleo, Achilles, Achim, Acie, Acima, Acis, Acke, Ada, Adabelle, Adah, Adai, Adair, Adal, Adala, Adale, Adalee, Adalee, Adalgisa, Adali, Adalia, Adalie, Adalie, Adalin, Adaly, Adaly, Adalyn, Adam, Adama, Adamas, Adamina, Adamma, Adamnan, Adan, Adana, Adanna, Adanya, Adara, Adda, Addal, Addala, Addala, Addaly, Adde, Addey, Addi, Addia, Addia, Addie, Addis, Addison, Addy, Ade, Adeana, Adeela, Adeen, Adeena, Adel, Adela, Adelade, Adelaid, Adelaida, Adelaide, Adelais, Adelajda, Adelbert, Adele, Adelei, Adelgonda, Adelhaid, Adelheid, Adelia, Adeliade, Adelicia, Adelie, Adelina, Adelind, Adelinda, Adeline, Adelista, Adelita, Adeliya, Adeliz, Adeliza, Adelka, Adell, Adella, Adelle, Adeltraud, Adelyn, Adelynn, Aden, Adena, Adene, Adenia, Adenia, Adey, Adi, Adia, Adia, Adia, Adiah, Adib, Adie, Adie, Adil, Adil Khan I, Adil Shah, Adila, Adilene, Adilo, Adina, Adinna, Adira, Adirah, Aditi, Adiyat, Adl, Adlai, Adlai, Adlena, Adlene, Adleta, Adli, Adlin, Adline, Adnan, Adnanaura, Ado, Adolf, Adolfine, Adolfo, Adolphus, Adon, Adona, Adoni, Adonia, Adonis, Adonya, Adora, Adore, Adoree, Adoria, Adra, Adrajan, Adrana, Adrasta, Adria, Adriaan, Adrian, Adriana, Adriane, Adrianna, Adrianne, Adriano, Adrie, Adrien, Adriena, Adrienna, Adrienne, Adrjan, Adums, Ady, Adya, Aegidius, Aegle, Aemilian, Aemilius, Aeneas, Aengus, Aeriale, Aeriel, Aeriela, Aeriell, Aeron, Aeronwen, Aeronwy, Aeryal, Aeschylus, Aesculapius, Aeshah, Afan, Afanasi, Affan, Affery, Affi, Affonso, Affrey, Affrica, Affrie, Afi, Afia, Afif, Afif ud Din, Afonso, Afonya, Afra, Afra, Afric, Africa, Africah, Afrika, Afrikah, Afsar, Aftab, Aftan, Aftine, Afton, Aftyn, Afu, Afzal, Aga, Agace, Agafia, Aganetha, Agapa, Agape, Agasha, Agastya, Agata, Agate, Agatha, Agathe, Agathi, Agatho, Agatka, Agazio, Age, Aggy, Aghaistin, Aghlab, Aghna, Agia, Agid, Agidius, Agilio, Agilus, Aglaia, Agna, Agne, Agneis, Agnella, Agnes, Agnesa, Agnesca, Agnese, Agnesina, Agness, Agnessa, Agnesse, Agnessija, Agneta, Agnethe, Agneti, Agnetta, Agneyastra, Agnies, Agnies, Agnieska, Agnieszka, Agnieszka, Agniya, Agnizika, Agnizka, Agnola, Agostina, Agostinha, Agostinho, Agostinho, Agostino, Agot, Agota, Agotha, Agrada, Agrafena, Agrafina, Agreda, Agrippa, Agrippina, Agrippina, Agueda, Agurne, Agurtzane, Aguste, Agusti, Agustin, Agustine, Agynta, Ahad, Ahava, Ahdaf, Ahenobarbus, Ahern, Ahivia, Ahmad, Ahmad, Ahmad Shah, Ahmadullah, Ahmed, Ahrelds, Ahrens, Ahrnold, Ahron, Ahsab, Ahsan, Ahuva, Ahzab, Aibhistin, Aichlinn, Aida, Aidah, Aidan, Aideen, Aiesha, Aieshah, Aifric, Aiglentine, Aigneis, Aiko, Aila, Ailain, Ailana, Ailani, Ailbeart, Ailbhe, Ailean, Ailee, Aileen, Ailene, Ailey, Ailfrid, Aili, Ailie, Ailie, Ailig, Ailina, Ailinn, Ailis, Ailish, Ailsa, Aily, Aima, Aimah, Aime, Aimee, Aimilianos, Aina, Aindrea, Aindreas, Aindrias, Aindriu, Aine, Aingeal, Aingeru, Ainslea, Ainslee, Ainsleigh, Ainsley, Ainslie, Ainsly, Aire, Aireal, Airial, Airiana, Airlia, Airlie, Aisha, Aishah, Aishia, Aishiah, Aisia, Aisling, Aislinn, Aisne, Aisone, Aithne, Aitor, Aiyana, Aizik, Aja, Ajah, Ajaran, Ajawid, Ajax, Ajda, Ajha, Ajia, Ajmal, Akala, Akatautika, Akbar, Akbar, Ake, Akela, Akelina, Akelina, Akemi, Akenehi, Akeya, Akeyia, Akeylah, Akhlaq, Akhtar, Akhund, Akhyar, Aki, Akia, Akiba, Akiela, Akif, Akihito, Akiko, Akil, Akila, Akilah, Akili, Akilina, Akilk, Akim, Akio, Akira, Akiyo, Aklae, Akmal, Akram, Akrura, Aksel, Akseli, Aktavija, Akulina, Akulya, Akund Zada, Al’iman, Al, Al Amin, Al Burhan, Al Fadi Ibn Abbas, Al Faiz, Al Mahdi, Ala, Ala, Ala ud Din, Aladdin, Alain, Alaina, Alaine, Alaine, Alainnah, Alair, Alaister, Alam, Alam, Alam ul Huda, Alamea, Alameda, Alan, Alana, Alanah, Alanda, Alandra, Alane, Alani, Alani, Alania, Alanis, Alanna, Alannah, Alanza, Alaois, Alard, Alaric, Alarice, Alart, Alasdair, Alastair, Alastar, Alaster, Alastrina, Alastriona, Alatea, Alawn, Alayna, Alayne, Alba, Alban, Albanus, Albany, Alben, Alberic, Alberich, Albert, Alberta, Albertina, Albertine, Albertino, Alberto, Albertus, Albertyna, Albertyne, Albin, Albina, Albine, Albinia, Albinia, Albinka, Albion, Albrecht, Albret, Albrette, Albrette, Alby, Alceena, Alcimede, Alcina, Alcine, Alcinia, Alcott, Alda, Aldabella, Alden, Alder, Alderyn, Aldina, Aldine, Aldith, Aldo, Aldona, Aldous, Aldred, Aldrich, Aldridge, Aldwin, Aldyna, Aldyne, Alea, Aleah, Alec, Alecea, Alecia, Aled, Aleda, Aleea, Aleeah, Aleece, Aleecia, Aleeka, Aleela, Aleelah, Aleem, Aleen, Aleena, Aleene, Aleesha, Aleesha, Aleeza, Aleezah, Aleezay, Alego, Alegria, Aleida, Aleine, Aleisha, Aleit, Aleix, Aleixandre, Aleixo, Aleizo, Alejandra, Alejandrina, Alejandro, Alejo, Aleka, Aleka, Alekah, Aleksajender, Aleksander, Aleksandr, Aleksandra, Aleksandras, Aleksandrina, Aleksei, Aleksi, Aleksia, Aleksijie, Aleksy, Alekzi, Alena, Alenah, Alene, Ales, Alesha, Alessandra, Alessandro, Alessia, Alessio, Aleta, Aletea, Aletha, Alethea, Alethia, Aletta, Aletta, Alette, Alex, Alexa, Alexander, Alexandr, Alexandra, Alexandre, Alexandria, Alexandrina, Alexandrine, Alexandrovna, Alexej, Alexia, Alexina, Alexine, Alexis, Alexius, Alexxandra, Aley, Aleydis, Alezios, Alezius, Alf, Alfa, Alfie, Alfio, Alfons, Alfonsa, Alfonse, Alfonsine, Alfonso, Alford, Alfred, Alfreda, Alfredo, Alfrid, Alfried, Alger, Algernon, Algie, Algot, Algy, Ali, Ali, Ali, Ali Asghar, Alia, Alianna, Alica, Alice, Alicen, Alicia, Alicie, Aliciedik, Alicija, Alicja, Alick, Alickina, Alida, Alie, Aliedik, Alienor, Alienora, Alieza, Alif, Alika, Alika, Alikah, Alike, Alikee, Aliki, Alila, Alile, Alim, Alima, Alina, Alina, Alinda, Aline, Alinga, Alinka, Alirio, Alisa, Alisaundre, Alisdair, Alisha, Alisha, Alison, Alisone, Alissa, Alisson, Alistair, Alister, Alita, Alithea, Alix, Aliya, Aliye, Aliz, Aliza, Alke, Alkibiades, Alkira, Allah Bakhsh, Allaire, Allama, Allambee, Allan, Allana, Allat, Alleea, Alleeah, Allegra, Allegria, Allen, Allena, Allene, Alleyna, Alleynah, Alleyne, Allezah, Allia, Allie, Allighiero, Allina, Alline, Allisha, Allison, Allister, Allon, Alls, Allta, Ally, Allyn, Allyn, Allysha, Allyson, Alma, Almas, Almeda, Almedha, Almena, Almeric, Almerigo, Almeta, Almha, Almida, Almira, Almond, Alo, Alodia, Alodie, Aloha, Alohi, Alois, Aloisa, Aloise, Aloisia, Aloisia, Aloisio, Aloisy, Alojzy, Alojzy, Aloma, Alonso, Alonza, Alonzo, Alouetta, Aloys, Aloysia, Aloysia, Aloysius, Aloyza, Alpha, Alphia, Alphonse, Alphonsia, Alphonsine, Alphonsus, Alpin, Alpine, Alric, Alse, Alseena, Alshender, Alsinia, Alson, Alston, Alsyna, Alta, Altaaf, Altaaf Husayn, Altaf, Altah, Altavija, Alte, Alter, Althaea, Althea, Althena, Altman, Alto, Alton, Aluf, Alula, Alun, Alunn, Alured, Alva, Alvar, Alvaro, Alverta, Alvery, Alvin, Alvina, Alvira, Alvy, Alwan, Alwana, Alwen, Alwin, Alwira, Alwyn, Alyce, Alycia, Alyna, Alyne, Alynne, Alyosha, Alys, Alysander, Alysaundre, Alyse, Alysha, Alysia, Alyssa, Alysse, Alyssia, Alzbeta, Alzena, Alzina, Am, Ama, Ama, Amabel, Amabil, Amabilla, Amable, Amada, Amadea, Amadeus, Amadi, Amadia, Amadita, Amado, Amador, Amahl, Amal, Amal, Amala, Amala, Amalburga, Amalea, Amalia, Amalie, Amalita, Amalthea, Amama, Aman, Aman, Aman ud Din, Amanat, Amancio, Amanda, Amandus, Amans, Amanullah, Amara, Amaranta, Amaranth, Amarantha, Amarina, Amaris, Amarissa, Amaroo, Amaryllis, Amasa, Amat, Amata, Amato, Amaui, Amaya, Amba, Ambar, Amber, Amberie, Amberiea, Amberlee, Amberlie, Amberly, Amberlyn, Ambjorn, Ambler, Ambrogino, Ambrogio, Ambroise, Ambros, Ambrose, Ambrosine, Ambrosio, Ambroys, Ambroz, Ambrozy, Amedee, Amedeo, Ameelija, Ameer, Ameera, Ameerah, Amelia, Amelie, Amelina, Amelinda, Amelita, Amereat, America, Amerigo, Amery, Amethyst, Amhladh, Amhlaidh, Amhlaoibh, Amia, Amiable, Amias, Amiaz, Amice, Amicia, Amico, Amid, Amid ud Dawlah, Amie, Amilcare, Amin, Amin, Amin Ud Din, Amina, Amina, Aminah, Aminta, Amir, Amira, Amirah, Amiria, Amisia, Amissa, Amissah, Amita, Amitabha, Amittai, Amity, Amjaad, Amlika, Amlikah, Amma, Ammar, Ammon, Amnon, Amorette, Amorita, Amos, Amparo, Amr, Amram, Amrita, Amun, Amund, Amy, Amyas, Amye, Amyntas, An, An, An, Ana, Anaba, Anacleto, Anahita, Anais, Anala, Analo, Anan, Ananda, Ananias, Ananke, Anaru, Anas, Anastagio, AnastasI, Anastasia, Anastasie, Anastasij, Anastasio, Anastasios, Anastasius, Anastassia, Anastazie, Anastazij, Anastazja, Anastazy, Anastazya, Anata, Anatol, Anatola, Anatole, Anatoli, Anatolia, Anatolie, Anatolio, Anatolis, Anatolius, Anatolys, Anca, Ancel, Ancela, Ancelin, Anceline, Ancelot, Anchoret, Anci, Ancika, Ancilee, Ancilla, Andel, Andela, Andelik, Andelka, Andeol, Anders, Andias, Andoche, Andocides, Andoni, Andor, Andra, Andras, Andre, Andrea, Andreanna, Andreas, Andree, Andrei, Andrej, Andreja, Andrejeen, Andrejek, Andres, Andresej, Andreu, Andrew, Andrewina, Andrey, Andrezek, Andria, Andriana, Andries, Andrija, Andrina, Andrine, Andrius, Androcles, Andromeda, Andronicky, Andronicus, Androusek, Andrus, Andrzej, Andula, Andy, Ane, Aneesa, Aneeta, Aneetah, Aneethah, Aneira, Aneirin, Aneko, Anela, Aneska, Aneta, Anetha, Anetra, Aneurin, Anezka, Anfisa, Angaline, Angarua, Ange, Ange, Angee, Angel, Angela, Angele, Angeles, Angelica, Angelico, Angelika, Angelike, Angelina, Angeline, Angelique, Angelita, Angell, Angelo, Angeni, Angey, Angharad, Angie, Angil, Angiolo, Angosto, Angus, Angusina, Angustias, Anh, Anhur, Ani, Ani, Ania, Anias, Anica, Anice, Anicet, Aniceto, Anicetus, Aniela, Aniela, Aniella, Aniello, Anika, Anikita, Anila, Aniol, Anis, Anis, Anisa, Anisah, Anisim, Anissa, Anita, Anitha, Anithah, Anitia, Anitra, Anitra, Anitra, Anitte, Anja, Anjel, Anjela, Anjelica, Anjuska, Anka, Anke, Anker, Anlise, Anlon, Ann, Anna, Annabel, Annabell, Annabella, Annabelle, Annabruna, Annais, Annali, Annalie, Annalisa, Annamaria, Annapurna, Annata, Annchen, Annchet, Anndra, Anne, Annechet, Anneka, Anneke, Anneliese, Anneliese, Anneliesel, Annelise, Annella, Annemie, Annerl, Annetta, Annette, Annfrid, Annibale, Annica, Annice, Annichet, Annick, Annie, Annika, Annike, Anninka, Annis, Annise, Annissah, Anno, Annona, Annonay, Annonciade, Annora, Annot, Annunciata, Annunziata, Annur, Annus, Annusche, Annuschka, Annushka, Annusia, Annwyl, Annys, Anona, Anouk, Anquet, Anrai, Ans, Ansar, Ansari, Ansbert, Anschar, Anschel, Ansel, Ansell, Anselm, Anselm, Anselma, Anselmo, Ansgars, Anshel, Ansis, Anskar, Anslea, Ansley, Anson, Anstice, Anstie, Anston, Anta, Antaine, Antal, Antanina, Antanus, Ante, Antek, Antero, Anthea, Antholin, Anthony, Antigone, Antigonus, Antioco, Antip, Antje, Anto, Antoan, Antoine, Antoinette, Anton, Antonella, Antonetta, Antoni, Antonia, Antonica, Antonice, Antonij, Antonija, Antonin, Antonina, Antonino, Antonio, Antonius, Antons, Antony, Antonya, Antshel, Antti, Anula, Anuncia, Anunciacion, Anusia, Anuska, Anwaar, Anwaar Ul Karim, Anwar, Anwyl, Anya, Anysia, Anzelm, Anzelma, Aodh, Aoibheann, Aoibhinn, Aoife, Aolani, Aonghas, Aonghus, Apakura, Apanie, Aparajita, Aparicion, Apelles, Aperahama, Aphra, Aphrah, Aphrey, Aphrie, Aphrodite, Aphte, Apka, Apolda, Apoline, Apoljnaryay, Apollinare, Apollinaria, Apollinarios, Apollinaris, Apolline, Apollo, Apollonia, Apollonia, Apphia, Apple, April, Aprila, Aprilette, Aqdas, Aqib, Aqib, Aqmar, Aqqad, Aquarius, Aqueel, Aquene, Aquila, Aquiles, Ara, Arabel, Arabela, Arabella, Araceli, Arachine, Arae, Arafat, Arafat, Arah, Arailt, Araluen, Aram, Araminta, Aramintha, Aran, Aran, Arana, Aranka, Aranrhod, Arantxa, Aranzazu, Arapeta, Arapeti, Araud, Arbell, Arbella, Arcangelo, Archelaus, Archelios, Archibald, Archie, Archimedes, Archy, Archytas, Ardal, Ardath, Ardeen, Ardeena, Ardelia, Ardelia, Ardelis, Ardella, Ardelle, Arden, Ardena, Ardene, Ardengo, Ardenia, Ardi, Ardi, Ardi, Ardice, Ardie, Ardin, Ardine, Ardino, Ardis, Ardisher, Ardith, Arduino, Arduino, Are, Areef, Arekahanara, Arela, Arella, Arelle, Arend, Areta, Aretha, Arethusa, Aretino, Argyro, Ari, Ari, Aria, Aria, Ariadna, Ariadne, Arial, Ariale, Ariana, Ariane, Arianna, Arianne, Arianrhod, Arianrod, Arianwen, Arib, Arica, Aricca, Aricka, Aridatha, Arieal, Ariel, Ariela, Ariella, Ariella, Arielle, Aries, Arieta, Arietta, Arika, Ariki, Arikka, Arilda, Arilpa, Arin, Arina, Arinn, Aris, Arisa, Arisai, Arisha, Arista, Aristarchus, Aristarkh, Aristede, Aristedes, Aristide, Aristides, Aristo, Aristophanes, Aristoteles, Aristotle, Aristotles, Arisztid, Arjan, Arje, Arjuna, Arkadi, Arkan, Arke, Arkell, Arkhip, Arkos, Arlea, Arleana, Arlee, Arleeta, Arleigh, Arlene, Arlett, Arletta, Arlette, Arletty, Arley, Arlie, Arlington, Arly, Arlyn, Arlynn, Arlynne, Armaita, Armand, Armando, Armant, Armany, Armelle, Armin, Armina, Armine, Arminius, Armon, Armorel, Armstrong, Arn, Arna, Arnaldo, Arnaldr, Arnaud, Arnbjorn, Arndt, Arne, Arnhilda, Arnhold, Arnie, Arno, Arnold, Arnoldas, Arnoldine, Arnoldo, Arnolds, Arnon, Arnost, Arnulf, Arnurna, Arod, Aroha, Aron, Arora, Arotius, Arpa, Arpad, Arram, Arria, Arrian, Arrigbetto, Arrigo, Arron, Arrow, Arsen, Arsene, Arseni, Arsenio, Arsenius, Arshad, Arshaq, Arsinoe, Arslan, Art, Artair, Artamenes, Artaxerxes, Artemas, Artemi, Artemis, Artemus, Artha, Arthea, Arthelia, Arthene, Arthette, Arthfael, Arthur, Arthuretta, Arthurina, Arthurine, Arti, Arti, Artice, Artie, Artie, Artina, Artina, Artis, Arto, Artor, Artorioos, Artorus, Artturi, Artur, Arturo, Artyom, Arva, Arvad, Arval, Arvid, Arvin, Arye, Aryn, Arzu, As’ad, Asa, Asa, Asad, Asaf, Asaf Jah, Asaph, Asarel, Asbjorn, Asbrand, Ascot, Ascott, Asdrubale, Asella, Asenath, Asera, Aserat, Asgard, Asger, Asghar, Ash, Asha, Ashab, Ashanta, Ashantae, Ashante, Ashantee, Ashanti, Ashaunta, Ashauntae, Ashauntee, Ashaunti, Ashburton, Asher, Ashfaq, Ashia, Ashiq, Ashiq Ali, Ashiq Muhammad, Ashja, Ashkenaz, Ashlan, Ashleann, Ashlee, Ashleen, Ashleene, Ashleigh, Ashlen, Ashlene, Ashley, Ashliann, Ashlianne, Ashlie, Ashlin, Ashline, Ashling, Ashlyn, Ashlyne, Ashlynn, Ashlynne, Ashraf, Ashuntae, Ashunti, Ashur, Ashvaghosha, Ashyah, Asia, Asiah, Asian, Asil, Asim, Asim, Asir, Asir Ud Din, Asiya, Asja, Askari, Askel, Asketyl, Aslam, Aslaug, Asleif, Aslog, Asmund, Asmus, Asofe, Asola, Aspasia, Aspen, Aspin, Aspyn, Asra, Asrar, Asrar Ul Haqq, Assumpta, Assumption, Assunta, Asta, Astara, Astarte, Aster, Astera, Asteria, Astolfo, Aston, Astra, Astraea, Astrea, Astri, Astrid, Astrida, Astride, Astrik, Astrud, Astyr, Asun, Asuncion, Asvald, Asvard, Asvor, Aswad, Asya, Asya, Ata, Ata Ur Rahman, Ataahua, Atalanta, Atalaya, Atalik, Atanazy, Atara, Atarah, Ataree, Ataullah, Athairne, Athaliah, Athanase, Athanase, Athanasia, Athanasios, Athanasius, Athat, Athela, Athelie, Athelstan, Athena, Athenaios, Athenais, Athene, Athenea, Athengoras, Athina, Atho, Athol, Athole, Atholl, Athos, Atid, Atif, Atilla, Atina, Atiq, Atira, Atiu, AtiVee, Atka, Atlanta, Atlante, Atlee, Atli, Attar, Atti, Attie, Attila, Attilio, Attlee, Attracta, Atty, Atuf, Ature, Auberon, Aubert, Auberte, Aubin, Aubrey, Auburn, Aubyn, Aud, Auda, Aude, Audra, Audre, Audree, Audrey, Audrie, Audrina, Audris, Audrye, Audrys, Audule, August, Augusta, Auguste, Augusteen, Augusteen, Augustin, Augustina, Augustine, Augusto, Augustus, Augustyn, Augustyna, Aulad, Aulani, Aulay, Auliffe, Aunan, Aunes, Auni, Aura, Aurangzeb, Aurea, Aurel, Aurel, Aurela, Aurele, Aurelia, Aurelie, Aurelie, Aurelio, Aurelio, Aurelius, Aureliusz, Auriol, Aurnia, Aurora, Aurore, Auryn, Ausma, Ausonia, Austell, Austen, Austin, Autum, Autumn, Auxilio, Ava, Avada, Avae, Avallon, Avalon, Avara, Avdotya, Ave, Aveen, Aveline, Averell, Averil, Averill, Averki, Avery, Aveza, Avgust, Avgusta, Avgusta, Avgustin, Avi, Avice, Avicia, Avigail, Avila, Avis, Avishag, Avital, Aviva, Avner, Avoca, Avon, Avraam, Avraham, Avriam, Avril, Avrilette, Avrom, Awel, Awsta, Awstin, Awwab, Awwal, Awwal, Axel, Aya, Ayaat, Ayala, Ayana, Ayania, Ayanna, Ayasha, Ayat, Ayatullah, Ayer, Ayesha, Ayesha, Ayesha, Ayeshah, Ayfara, Ayisha, Ayishah, Ayita, Ayla, Aylana, Aylard, Aylbricht, Aylce, Aylee, Ayleen, Ayleen, Aylene, Aylie, Aylmer, Aylward, Aylwin, Ayman, Aymie, Ayn, Ayn Ud Din, Ayn Ul Hayat, AynAlNaim, AynAlQurr, Aynslee, Aynsley, Aynslie, Aynstey, Ayoub, Ays, Aysa, Ayse, Aysha, Ayshah, Ayshe, Ayshea, Aysia, Aysiah, Aysian, Aytza, Ayub, Ayub, Ayubi, Ayyam, Aza, Azad, Azalais, Azalea, Azaliah, Azam, Azamat, Azaria, Azariah, Azarias, AzAzirAzhar, Azel, Azhaar, Azhar, Azia, Azim, Azim, Azim Ush Shan, Aziz, Aziz, Aziza, Azize, Azmi, Azora, Azraf, Azriel, Azuba, Azucena, Azud, Azud Ud Dawlah, Azud Ud Din, Azura, Azzam, Azzan, Azzo, Azzolino

Ba, Baadi, Baahi, Baari’, Baariq, Bab, Baba, Babar, Babbe, Babby, Babe, Babette, Babilla, Babita, Babrischa, Babs, Baby, Badane, Bademus, Baden, Badezon, Badi’, Badi, Badi Ul Aalam, Badi Uz Zaman, Badr, Badr Ud Duja, Badr Ul Aalam, Badr Ul Din, Badri, Baez, Baha, Baha Ud Dawlah, Baha Ud Din, Bahadur, Bahadur, Bahadur Shah II, Bahi, Bahij, Bahir, Bahiy Id Din, Bahjat, Bahram, Baibin, Bailee, Bailey, Bailley, Baillie, Bailly, Baily, Bairbre, Baird, Bais, Baith, Bajazet, Baka, Bakana, Baker, Bakhit, Bakhsh, Bakht, Bakula, Bal, BalaRama, Balas, Balawyn, Balazs, Balbina, Baldassare, Balder, Baldie, Baldomar, Baldomero, Baldred, Balds, Baldur, Baldwin, Balfour, Bali, Baligh, Balin, Balint, Ballina, Balsys, Baltasar, Balthasar, Balthazar, Balthilde, Balunn, Bambalina, Bambee, Bambi, Bambie, Bamby, Banan, Bancroft, Banda, Bandah, Bandi, Bandi, Banduk, Bandy, Banquo, Bapp, Baptista, Baptiste, Baptysta, Baqi, Baqi, Baqir, Bara, Baradine, Barakat, Barakatullah, Barb, Barba, Barbad, Barbara, Barbarina, Barbary, Barbchen, Barbe, Barbea, Barbee, Barbel, Barbette, Barbey, Barbi, Barbica, Barbie, Barbola, Barbora, Barbra, Barbraa, Barbule, Barbutte, Barby, Barclay, Barden, Bardin, Bardo, Bardolf, Bardolph, Bareeq, Baremo, Barend, Bari, Bari, Barica, Barissa, Barite, Barka, Barlow, Barna, Barnaba, Barnabas, Barnabe, Barnaby, Barnet, Barnett, Barney, Barny, Barr, Barr, Barra, Barran, Barraq, Barret, Barrett, Barri, Barri, Barrie, Barris, Barron, Barry, Barsabbas, Bart, Bartek, Barteleus, Bartelmes, Barteo, Barthelemi, Barthold, Bartholdy, Bartholomew, Bartholomo, Bartholomy, Bartok, Bartolomeo, Barton, Bartram, Baruch, Baruna, Barwon, Basamum, Basemath, Bashar, Basharat, Bashe, Basher, Bashir, Bashshar, Basia, Basil, Basil, Basile, Basilio, Basilla, Basillia, Basim, Basir, Basir, Basit, Bassam, Bastet, Bastian, Bastien, Basya, Basye, Bathia, Bathilde, Bathsheba, Batia, Batin, Batini, Batista, Battista, Batul, Batya, Batya, Batzion, Baubie, Baudouin, Baum, Baume, Bautista, Baxter, Bay, Bay, Bay, Bayard, Bayazid, Bayla, Baylee, Baylie, Bayly, Bayo, Baz, Baz, Bazel, Bazl, Bazl Ur Rahman, Bazyli, Bazza, Bea, Bean, Bearach, Bearnard, Bearnas, Beat, Beata, Beathan, Beatrice, Beatriks, Beatrix, Beatriz, Beatta, Beau, Beauegard, Bebe, Becan, Becca, Beccie, Bechor, Becky, Bedar, Bedar Bakht, Bedar Ud Din, Bedaws, Bedbury, Bede, Bedeelia, Bedelia, Bedivere, Bedric, Bedrich, Bedriska, Bedver, Bedwin, Bedwyr, Bee, Beffiena, Befiena, Beg, Begga, Begona, Beile, Beileag, Beileag, Beistean, Beitidh, Beitiris, Bel, Bela, Belah, Belda, Belen, Beli, Beli, Belia, Belica, Belica, Belicia, Belina, Belinda, Belindra, Belita, Bell, Bella, Bellamy, Bellanca, Bellarmino, Belle, Bellinda, Belphoebe, Beltana, Beltran, Belva, Belynda, Belynda, Ben, Bena, Bendall, Bendek, Bendik, Bendikkas, Bendis, Benea, Benecia, Benedetta, Benedetto, Benedict, Benedicta, Benedictina, Benedicto, Benedik, Benedikt, Benedikta, Benediktas, Benedix, Benedykt, Beneisha, Beneta, Benetta, Bengt, BenHur, Beniamine, Beniamino, Beniesch, Benigh, Benigo, Benik, Benilda, Beniot, Benish, Benisha, Benishia, Benita, Benite, Benito, Benitta, Benjamin, Benjiro, Bennegad, Benneit, Bennelong, Bennett, Benni, Bennicia, Bennie, Bennita, Benno, Benny, Beno, Benson, Bent, Bente, Bentley, Bento, Benventua, Benvenuto, Benwenuta, Benzel, Benzion, Beonca, Bepin, Beppe, Beppi, Beppo, Ber, Berach, Bercan, Bercta, Berdine, Bered, Berend, Berengaria, Berenger, Berenice, Berents, Beret, Berette, Berge, Bergen, Berget, Bergette, Berghetta, Bergit, Bergliot, Berinthia, Berit, Berkeley, Berkley, Berla, Berlin, Berlinda, Berlinda, Berline, Berling, Berlyn, Berlyne, Berlynn, Berlynne, Bernabe, Bernadeen, Bernadek, Bernadetta, Bernadette, Bernadina, Bernadine, Bernadyn, Bernadyna, Bernaldo, Bernard, Bernarda, Bernardetta, Bernardette, Bernardo, Bernardus, Bernat, Berndt, Berne, Berneen, Berneta, Berngard, Bernhard, Berni, Bernice, Bernie, Bernita, Berno, Berny, Berrice, Berrilee, Berry, Bert, Berta, Berta, Berte, Bertha, Berthe, Berthel, Berthold, Berthole, Bertie, Bertil, Bertilia, Bertilla, Bertille, Bertina, Bertine, Bertle, Bertram, Bertramus, Bertrand, Berwyn, Beryl, Bess, Bessie, Bessy, Best, Bet, Beta, Beth, Betha, Bethan, BethAnn, Bethann, Bethanne, BethAnne, Bethany, Bethel, Bethesda, Bethia, Bethia, Betje, Betka, Betrys, Bets, Betsey, Betsy, Betta, Bette, Bettina, Bettine, Bettje, Bettrys, Betty, Bettys, Betula, Betushka, Betuska, Beula, Beulah, Beulla, Beullah, Bev, Beverlee, Beverley, Beverliann, Beverlianne, Beverlie, Beverlyann, Beverlyanne, Beynish, Beyonca, Bhagavati, Bhagirathi, Bhatair, Bhictoria, Biaggio, Biagio, Bian, Bianca, Bianca, Biancafiore, Biancha, Bianey, Bianka, Bibi, Bibiana, Bibiane, Bibianne, Biblis, Bice, Biddon, Biddy, Bidelia, Bigge, Bijanka, Bilal, Bilbertia, Bilee, Bilelmos, Bilhah, Bili, Biljana, Bill, Billa, Billee, Billi, Billie, BillieJean, BillieJo, Billy, Billye, Billyjean, Billyjo, Bilquis, Bimbeen, Bina, Binah, Bine, Binh, Binke, Binney, Binni, Binnie, Binny, Binta, Bintah, Binyamin, Bionca, Bioncha, Bionda, Bird, Birdee, Birdella, Birdie, Birger, Birget, Birgir, Birgit, Birgita, Birgitta, Birgitte, Birra, BirraNula, Birre, Bishara, Bishr, Bithia, Bitya, Bjarne, Bjorn, Blahoslav, Blahoslava, Blai, Blaine, Blair, Blaire, Blaise, Blake, Blakelee, Blakeley, Blakesley, Blanca, Blanch, Blanchardina, Blanche, Blanda, Blandina, Blandine, Blane, Blanka, Blas, Blasha, Blasia, Blasia, Blasio, Blasius, Blath, Blathnaid, Blayne, Blayre, Blaza, Blaze, Blazej, Blazena, Blazena, Bleddyn, Blinda, Bliss, Blisse, Blithe, Blodwedd, Blodwen, Blodwyn, Blodwynne, Blodyn, Blondell, Blondelle, Blondie, Blossom, BlueSky, Blum, Bluma, Blume, Blumke, Blynda, Blyss, Blysse, Blyth, Blythe, Bo, Bo, Boacha, Boann, Boas, Boaz, Bob, Boba, Bobbet, Bobbetta, Bobbette, Bobbi, BobbiAnn, Bobbiann, BobbiAnne, Bobbie, BobbieAnn, BobbieAnne, BobbieJean, Bobbiejo, Bobbielee, BobbieLynn, BobbieSue, BobbiJo, Bobbijo, BobbiLee, Bobby, BobbyAnn, BobbyAnne, Bobbyjo, Bobbylee, BobbyLeigh, Bobijo, Bobile, Bodek, Bodil, Bodo, Bodog, Bodzio, Bogdan, Bogdana, Bogna, Boguchwal, Bogufal, Bogumierz, Bogumil, Boguslaw, Boguslawa, Bogusz, Bohdan, Bohdana, Bohdanna, Bohomir, Bohumila, Bohumila, Bohumir, Bohumira, Bohuslav, Bohuslava, Bojan, Bojana, Bojanek, Boje, Bojek, Bojik, Bojika, Bolek, Bolena, Bolenka, Boleslav, Boleslava, Boleslaw, Boleslawa, Bolndee, Bombala, Bona, Bonaventura, Bondi, Bonifacio, Bonifaz, Bonita, Bonne, Bonnebell, Bonnebelle, Bonnibell, Bonnie, BonnieBell, Bonniebelle, Bonny, Bonnybell, Bonnybelle, Bonosa, Boonal, Bora, Bora, Borbala, Borek, Borge, Borghild, Borik, Boris, Borivoj, Borje, Boronia, Borre, Borries, Borya, Bosse, Botan, Bothild, Botilda, Boudewijn, Bowral, Boyd, Boye, Boylette, Boza, Bozek, Bozena, Bozenka, Bozidar, Bozidara, Bozka, Bozydar, Brad, Bradford, Bradley, Bradly, Brady, Brae, Braeden, Brana, Branalyn, Branca, Branca, Branda, Brandalynn, Brandee, Brandelyn, Brandelynn, Brandelynne, Brandi, Brandice, Brandie, Brandii, Brandily, Brandilyn, Brandilynn, Brandilynne, Brandin, Brandis, Brandise, Brandlin, Brandlyn, Brandlynn, Brandlynne, Brandolyn, Brandolynn, Brandolynne, Brandon, Brandt, Brandy, Brandylyn, BrandyLynn, BrandyLynne, Branek, Brani, Branislav, Branka, Branndie, Branton, Branwen, Bras, Bratislav, Bratislava, Bratumil, Brayndel, Brayne, Braz, Brea, Breah, Breana, Breanda, Breann, Breanna, BreAnna, Breanne, Brear, Breauna, Breawna, Breck, Bree, Breeanna, Breeauna, Breeda, Breena, Breezy, Breiana, Breina, Breina, Brelann, Bren, Brena, Brenda, BrendaLee, Brendaleigh, Brendali, Brendaly, Brendalys, Brendan, Brendell, Brendelle, Brenden, Brendette, Brendie, Brendon, Brendyl, Brenie, Brenin, Brenlee, Brenley, Brenn, Brenna, Brennah, Brennaugh, Brent, Breona, Bret, Breticka, Bretik, Bretislav, Bretislava, Bretka, Brett, Brewster, Breza, Bria, Briah, Briahna, Brian, Briana, Briand, Brianda, Brianna, Briannah, Brianne, Brianni, Briannon, Briant, Briar, Briartach, Briauna, Brice, Bricot, Bride, Bridey, Bridget, Bridgid, Brie, BrieAnn, Brieanna, Brieanne, Briela, Brielle, Briellen, Briellyn, Brien, Briena, Brienn, Brienna, Brienne, Brienus, Brieon, Brier, Bries, Briet, Brieta, Brietta, Briette, Briget, Brigham, Brighid, Brigid, Brigida, Brigitta, Brigitte, Brigyta, Brihoney, Brilliana, Brin, Brina, Brina, Brinan, Brinda, Brindi, Brindy, Briney, Brinia, Brinlee, Brinly, Brinn, Brinna, Brinnan, Briona, Brioney, Brionie, Briony, Brisa, Brisha, Brishia, Brissa, Brisson, Brit, Brita, Britanee, Britaney, Britannia, Britanny, Britenee, Briteny, Brites, Britianey, Britin, British, Britkney, Britley, Britney, Britomartis, Briton, Britt, Britta, Brittaney, Brittany, Britte, Brittin, Brittina, Brittine, Brittinee, Brittiney, Brityn, Brizio, Brizio, Brlone, Brlonna, Brlonne, Brlony, Broder, Brodie, Brogio, Brolle, Bron, Brona, Bronach, Bronia, Bronislav, Bronislava, Bronislaw, Bronislawa, Bronney, Bronnie, Bronny, Bronte, Bronwen, Bronwin, Bronwyn, Bronwynn, Bronwynne, Bronya, Bronya, Brook, Brooke, Brookelle, Brookellen, Brookelyn, Brookle, Brooklin, Brooklyn, Brooklynn, Brooklynne, Brooks, Brooky, Bror, Broula, Broz, Brozek, Bruce, Bruna, Brunella, Brunella, Brunhild, Brunhilda, Brunhilde, Brunnhilde, Bruno, Brya, Bryan, Bryana, Bryanna, Bryant, Bryar, Bryce, Brychan, Brydie, Bryga, Brygida, Brygitka, Brykke, Bryn, Bryna, Brynhild, Brynhildur, Brynmor, Brynn, Bryony, Bryssa, Buck, Bud, Budek, Budislav, Budzislaw, Budzisz, Budzyk, Buena, Buffee, Buffey, Buffie, Buffy, Buffy, Buffye, Bukhari, Bulbul, Bundar, Bunem, Bunjil, Bunni, Bunnie, Bunny, Bunty, Burgandi, Burgandie, Burgandy, Burgess, Burgunda, Burgundy, Burhan, Burhan Ud Din, Buriana, Burilda, Burkhard, Burnard, Burnetta, Burt, Burton, Buster, Buto, Buttercup, Byblis, Byrdie, Byron

Cabarita, Cace, Cacelia, Cacelie, Cache, Cachea, Cachee, Cachet, Caci, Cacia, Cacilia, Cacilia, Cacilie, Cacilie, Cacy, Cadao, Caddie, Cade, Cadee, Cadell, Cadena, Cadence, Cadenza, Cadey, Cadi, Cadie, Cadine, Cadogan, Cadori, Cadwalader, Cadwaladr, Cadwgan, Cadwgawn, Cady, Cadye, Cae, Caecilia, Caecilie, Caelan, Caelee, Caeley, Caelie, Caerwyn, Caesar, Caesaria, Caetano, Cahal, Caharija, Cahir, Cai, Caieta, Cailan, Cailee, Caileen, Cailene, Cailey, Cailida, Cailin, Cailine, Cailyn, Cailynn, Cailynne, Cainneach, Caintigern, Cairene, Cairine, Cairistine, Cairistiona, Cait, Caitir, Caitlin, Caitlyn, Caitrin, Caitriona, Cajetan, Cal, Cala, Calah, Calaminag, Calan, Calan, Calandra, Calandria, Calantha, Calca, Caleb, Caleena, Caleida, Caleigh, Calena, Calendra, Calendre, Calesta, Caley, Calida, Calina, Calina, Calinda, Calisto, Calla, Callah, Calleen, Calley, Callida, Callidora, Callie, Callinda, Calliopa, Calliope, Callista, Callisto, Callsta, Callum, Cally, Calogero, Calphurnia, Calpurnia, Calum, Calumina, Calvin, Calvina, Calvine, Calvinetta, Calvinette, Calypso, Calysta, Cam, Cam, Cam, Camala, Camalia, Camallia, Camber, Camberlee, Camberleigh, Camberly, Camberry, Cambie, Cambrea, Cambree, Cambria, Cambrya, Camden, Camela, Camelia, Camelita, Camella, Camellia, Camellita, Cameron, Cami, Cami, Camila, Camilla, Camille, Camillo, Camilo, Camira, Campbell, Canace, Canberra, Cancer, Canda, Candace, Candacey, Candas, Candee, Candela, Candelaria, Candelle, Candi, Candia, Candice, Candida, Candida, Candie, Candis, Candis, Candra, Candrea, Candria, Candy, Candyce, Canice, Canowindra, Cantara, Cantarah, Cantrella, Cantrelle, Canute, Caoidhean, Caoilte, Caoimhe, Caointean, Caolan, Capella, Capitolina, Cappella, Cappi, Caprece, Capri, Caprice, Capricia, Capricorn, Caprie, Caprina, Capris, Caprise, Caprita, Capucine, Cara, Caradoc, Caradog, Caragh, Carah, Caralea, Caralee, Caralia, Caralie, Caralin, Caraline, Caralyn, Caralyn, Caranda, Cardinia, Caree, Careen, Caren, Caresa, Carese, Caressa, Caresse, Carey, Cari, Carice, Caridad, Caridade, Carie, Carila, Carilena, Carilla, Carin, Carina, Carine, Carinthia, Caris, Carisa, Carissa, Carissa, Carita, Caritaa, Caritas, Caritta, Carl, Carla, Carlaen, Carlaena, Carlan, Carlana, Carlandra, Carle, Carleah, Carlee, Carleen, Carleena, Carleeza, Carleigh, Carlen, Carlena, Carlene, Carlenna, Carlesia, Carlessa, Carleta, Carletha, Carlethe, Carletta, Carley, Carli, Carlia, Carlian, Carlicia, Carlie, Carlin, Carlina, Carlinda, Carline, Carling, Carliqua, Carlis, Carlise, Carlisha, Carlisia, Carliss, Carlissa, Carlisse, Carlissia, Carlista, Carlita, Carlita, Carliyle, Carllen, Carlo, Carlonda, Carlos, Carlota, Carlota, Carlotta, Carlotta, Carlotte, Carlreca, Carlssa, Carlton, Carly, Carlye, Carlyjo, Carlyle, Carlyn, Carlyne, Carlyse, Carlysle, Carmel, Carmela, Carmelina, Carmelita, Carmella, Carmen, Carmencita, Carmenta, Carmina, Carmine, Carmita, Carnation, Carol, Carola, Carolan, Carolane, Carolann, Carolanne, Carole, Carole, Carolee, Caroletta, Caroley, Carolina, Caroline, Carolle, Carolus, Carolyn, Carolynn, Caron, Carra, Carramulla, Carrey, Carrie, Carrlin, Carrolena, Carroll, Carron, Carrone, Carryl, Carson, Carsten, Carter, Carwyn, Cary, Caryl, Caryle, Caryll, Caryn, Carynn, Carys, Caryse, Casadee, Casadi, Casadie, Casandera, Casandra, Casandre, Casandrey, Casandri, Casandria, Casaundra, Casci, Cascie, Cascy, Casey, Casi, Casia, Casie, Casilda, Casimir, Casimira, Casondra, Casondre, Casondri, Casondria, Caspar, Caspara, Cass, Cassadi, Cassadie, Cassadina, Cassady, Cassander, Cassandra, Cassandre, Cassandri, Cassandry, Cassaundra, Cassaundre, Cassaundri, Casse, Casseday, Cassee, Cassey, Cassia, Cassian, Cassiddy, Cassidee, Cassidi, Cassidie, Cassidy, Cassie, Cassio, Cassiopeia, Cassity, Cassondra, Cassondre, Cassondri, Cassondria, Cassundra, Cassundre, Cassundri, Cassundria, Cassye, Casy, Cataleen, Catalena, Catalene, Catalin, Catalina, Catalyn, Catalyna, Catana, Catania, Catarina, Cataut, Cate, Catelin, Cateline, Catelini, Cateret, Caterina, Cath, Cathal, Cathan, Cathaoir, Catharina, Catharine, Catheau, Catherina, Catherine, Cathleen, Cathrine, Cathryn, Cathwyg, Cathy, Catlin, Caton, Catraoine, Catreeka, Catrelle, Catrice, Catricia, Catrika, Catrin, Catrina, Catrine, Catriona, Catryn, Cattarina, Catteeka, Catterina, Cattiah, Catuja, Catya, Cawth, Cay, Cayce, Cayci, Caye, Cayetano, Cayla, Caylan, Caylee, Cayleen, Caylene, Cayley, Caylie, Caylin, Cayline, Caylyn, Caylyne, Caylynne, Cayo, Cayse, Caysee, Caysi, Caysie, Caysy, Cazzi, Ceallachan, Ceallagh, Ceara, Cearbhall, Cearul, Cearull, Ceaser, Cebele, Ceccarella, Ceccina, Cece, Ceceilia, Ceceli, Cecelia, Cecely, Cecelyn, Cecette, Cecil, Cecila, Cecile, Cecile, Cecilea, Ceciley, Cecilia, Cecilie, Cecilija, Cecilla, Cecille, Cecillia, Cecily, Cecilya, Ceclia, Cecylia, Cecylja, Cee, Ceel, Cees, Ceil, Ceila, Ceilagh, Ceileh, Ceileigh, Ceilena, Ceinwen, Ceit, Ceiteag, Celandine, Cele, Celeen, Celeena, Celena, Celene, Celenia, Celense, Celes, Celesia, Celesley, Celest, Celesta, Celesta, Celeste, Celestia, Celestia, Celestial, Celestial, Celestin, Celestina, Celestine, Celestinia, Celestyn, Celestyna, Celia, Celia, Celie, Celina, Celina, Celinda, Celine, Celine, Celinka, Celka, Celka, Celso, Celyren, Cenek, Cennydd, Centolla, Cera, Cerea, Cerelia, Cerelisa, Cerella, Ceres, Ceres, Cerese, Ceri, Ceri, Ceria, Cerice, Cericia, Ceridwen, Ceris, Cerise, Cerissa, Cerria, Cerrice, Cerrina, Cerrita, Cerryce, Ceryce, Cerys, Cesaire, Cesar, Cesare, Cesca, Cescelia, Cescelie, Cesia, Cesily, Ceslav, Cesya, Cesya, Chabley, Chabli, Chablis, Chad, Chaday, Chadday, Chade, Chadea, Chadee, Chae, Chaela, Chaeli, Chaella, Chaena, Chai, Chaka, Chakai, Chakara, Chakaria, Chakeitha, Chakena, Chakeria, Chakia, Chakina, Chakira, Chakka, Chakkah, Chakrah, Chakria, Chakriya, Chakyra, Chalace, Chalcie, Chalece, Chalice, Chalie, Chaliese, Chalina, Chalise, Chalisk, Chalissa, Challa, Challaine, Challis, Challise, Challysse, Chalon, Chalonn, Chalonna, Chalonne, Chalsey, Chalyce, Chalyn, Chalyse, Chalysse, Cham, Chambray, Chambre, Chambree, Chams, Chan, Chana, Chanda, Chandal, Chandee, Chandel, Chandelle, Chandey, Chandi, Chandie, Chandler, Chandra, Chandre, Chandrea, Chandrelle, Chandria, Chanea, Chaneel, Chaneil, Chanel, Chanell, Chanell, Chanelle, Chanelle, Chankrisna, Channa, Channel, Chant, Chanta, Chantaal, Chantae, Chantael, Chantai, Chantal, Chantale, Chantall, Chantalle, Chantara, Chantarai, Chantasia, Chantay, Chantaye, Chanteau, Chantel, Chantelle, Chantiel, Chantielle, Chantil, Chantila, Chantill, Chantille, Chantilly, Chantle, Chantoya, Chantra, Chantrea, Chantreese, Chantri, Chantria, Chantrice, Chantrill, Chapman, Chapthe, Char, Chara, Charda, Chardae, Charday, Charde, Chardea, Chardee, Chardese, Chardia, Chardonay, Chardonee, Chardonnay, Chardonnee, Charesa, Charese, Charessa, Charesse, Charette, Chari, Charice, Charie, Charis, Charisa, Charise, Charish, Charisha, Charissa, Charisse, Charissee, Charista, Charitas, Charitina, Charity, Charla, Charla, Charleen, Charlena, Charlene, Charles, Charlet, Charlette, Charlie, Charline, Charlot, Charlotta, Charlotte, Charlton, Charmain, Charmaine, Charmian, Charna, Charnele, Charnke, Charo, Chas, Chasca, Chase, Chasija, Chastity, Chauncey, Chauta, Chautay, Chaya, Che, Chelle, Chelo, Chelsea, Chen, Chepe, Cher, Chere, Cherel, Cherelle, Cherene, Cheri, Cherida, Cherie, Cherie, Cherill, Cherilyn, Cherise, Cherish, Cherlene, Cherna, Cherrel, Cherry, Cheryl, Cheryth, Cheslav, Chester, Cheung, Chevonne, Chi, Chi, Chiang, Chiara, Chiarra, Chika, Chikaka, Chikako, Chikara, Chiko, Chikona, Chim, China, Chinaetta, Chinasa, Chinda, Chine, Chinea, Chinesia, Chinita, Chinna, Chinwa, Chirag, Chirag Ali, Chirag Ud Din, Chirsty, Chita, Chiya, Chiyo, Chloe, Chloris, Chlotilda, Chlotilde, Cho, Choe, Chole, Chowdhury, Chrestien, Chretien, Chretienne, Chris, Chriselda, Chrisogone, Chrissanth, Chrissie, Chrissy, Christa, Christabel, Christabella, Christabelle, Christal, Christeena, Christel, Christelle, Christer, Christhard, Christiaan, Christian, Christiane, Christianna, Christiano, Christie, Christina, Christine, Christinha, Christmas, Christobel, Christobella, Christof, Christofer, Christoph, Christophe, Christopher, Christophera, Christopherine, Christophoro, Christophorus, Christophur, Christos, Christovac, Christy, Christyna, Chrisy, Chrysantha, Chrysanthe, Chryseis, Chrysogon, Chrystal, Chrystjan, Chryzanta, Chryzanta, Chu Hua, Chuca, Chuca, Chuchita, Chuchita, Chucho, Chuck, Chui, Chun, Chung, Chungo, Chuong, Chus, Chwalibog, Chyna, Chynna, Cian, Ciana, Ciandra, Ciannait, Ciar, Ciara, Ciaran, Cibor, Cicelia, Cicely, Cicely, Ciel, Cien, Cila, Cile, Cilina, Cilley, Cillian, Cillin, Cinderella, Cindy, Cindylou, Cinnamon, Cinnia, Cinzia, Cior, Ciorstag, Ciorstaidh, Cipriano, Ciriaco, Ciril, Cirilla, Cirillo, Cirilo, Ciro, Cissie, Cissy, Claes, Clair, Claire, Clairmond, Clancy, Clara, Clarabelle, Clarchen, Clare, Clarence, Clarenza, Clareta, Clarette, Clarice, Clarimond, Clarinda, Clarine, Clarissa, Clarisse, Clarita, Clark, Clarnda, Clarona, Clarrie, Claud, Claude, Claudette, Claudia, Claudina, Claudine, Claudio, Claus, Clause, Claver, Clay, Clayton, Cle, Clea, Cledwyn, Clelia, Clem, Clematis, Clemence, Clemency, Clemens, Clement, Clemente, Clementia, Clementina, Clementine, Clemento, Clemenzia, Clemmie, Cleo, Cleopatra, Cleto, Cliamain, Cliff, Clifford, Clifton, Clint, Clinton, Clio, Cliona, Clitus, Clive, Clobes, Clodagh, Clodoveo, Clorinda, Cloris, Clothilde, Clotilda, Clotilde, Clova, Clover, Cluny, Clyde, Clydia, Clytie, Coba, Cobus, Coby, Cocha, Coelina, Coenradd, Coinneach, Cokkie, Colas, Colbert, Cole, Coleman, Coletta, Colette, Colin, Colina, Colinette, Coll, Colleen, Collette, Collin, Colm, Colman, Colombain, Colombe, Colum, Columba, Columbano, Columbina, Columbine, Combara, Comfort, Comgal, Comgan, Comhnall, Comyn, Conall, Conan, Conceicao, Concepcion, Concepta, Conception, Concetta, Concha, Conchita, Conchobarre, Concordia, Congalie, Conn, Connie, Connor, Conor, Conrad, Conradine, Conrado, Conseja, Consilia, Consolata, Constance, Constancia, Constancy, Constant, Constanta, Constantin, Constantina, Constantine, Constantino, Constantinos, Constanza, Constino, Consuela, Consuelo, Contancio, Content, Coolalie, Coos, Cor, Cora, Coral, Coralie, Corazon, Cordelia, Cordelie, Cordell, Cordella, Cordula, Cordulia, Coretta, Corette, Corey, Corin, Corine, Corinna, Corinne, Corisande, Coriss, Corissa, Corliss, Cormac, Cormag, Cormick, Corneille, Cornelia, Cornelie, Cornelio, Cornelis, Cornelius, Cornell, Cornelle, Corona, Corra, Corradino, Corrado, Corrina, Corriss, Cort, Cory, Cosette, Cosima, Cosimo, Cosmas, Cosme, Cosmo, Costane, Costanza, Costin, Cota, Cotita, Courtenay, Courtney, Coy, Craig, Creighton, Creirdyddlydd, Creirdyddlyn, Crescentia, Crescentiana, Cressa, Cressida, Criostoir, Crisdean, Crisiant, Crispian, Crispianus, Crispin, Crispina, Crispinian, Crispinus, Crissea, Cristal, Cristin, Cristina, Cristiona, Cristo, Cristobal, Cristofol, Cristoforo, Cristovao, Crocus, Cronan, Cronin, Crucita, Cruz, Crystal, Crysteffor, Ctibor, Ctislav, Cuan, Cuddy, Cugat, Cuimin, Cuithbeart, Cuithbrig, Cunegond, Cunegonda, Cunegonde, Cunegonde, Cunegundis, Cunzila, Curra, Currado, Currita, Curro, Curstaidh, Curt, Curtis, Cushla, Custa, Custance, Cuthbert, Cuthberta, Cuthburga, Cveta, Cy, Cybele, Cybil, Cybill, Cybille, Cynara, Cynbeline, Cynddelw, Cyndi, Cyndy, Cynthia, Cypriana, Cyr, Cyra, Cyrena, Cyrenia, Cyria, Cyriaca, Cyril, Cyrill, Cyrilla, Cyrille, Cyrille, Cyrillus, Cyrrils, Cyrus, Cyryl, Cythera, Cytherea, Czcibor, Czech, Czenzi, Czesiek, Czeslaw

Daabir Ud Din, Daarte, Dabir, Dacia, Dad, Daevid, Daffodil, Daffy, Dafydd, Dag, Dagmar, Dagmara, Dagna, Dagne, Dagny, Dagr, Daha, Dahlia, Dahna, Dai, Dai, Dai, Daibhidh, Daija, Daijon, Daila, Daireen, Daisy, Dakini, Dako, Dal, Dala, Dale, Dalek, Dalenka, Dalenna, Daley, Dalia, Dalibor, Dalibora, Dalil, Dalil Ur Rahman, Dalila, Dalka, Dallas, Dally, Dalmacio, Dalmazio, Daly, Dalya, Damalis, Damaris, Damaso, Damaspia, Damayanti, Damian, Damiana, Damiano, Damianos, Damiao, Damien, Damita, Damon, Damosel, Damsel, Damzel, Dan, Dana, Dana, Dana, Danae, Danah, Dancil, Dane, Daneel, Danek, Danella, Danelo, Danes, Danesh, Danetta, Danette, Danica, Danice, Danicka, Daniel, Daniela, Daniele, Danielle, Daniil, Danika, Danila, Danilo, Danit, Danjels, Danka, Dannel, Dannetej, Dannol, Danny, Danousek, Dante, Danu, Danula, Danulka, Danuse, Danuska, Danuta, Dany, Danya, Danye, Daphna, Daphne, Dara, Dara, Darach, Daran, Darata, Darby, Darcie, Darcy, Darell, Daren, Darerca, Daria, Darice, Darie, Darin, Darina, Darinka, Dario, Daris, Darka, Darleen, Darlene, Darlin, Darline, Daron, Darragh, Darrall, Darran, Darrel, Darrell, Darren, Darrene, Darrick, Darrill, Darrin, Darryl, Daruska, Darwish, Darya, Daryl, Daryle, Daryll, Dasha, Dassah, Dastgir, Datsch, Dauntie, Dave, Davey, David, Davida, Davidas, Davidu, Davie, Davina, Davinia, Davita, Davroslava, Davy, Davydas, Dawfydd, Dawia, Dawlita, Dawn, Dawud, Dawud, Dawud Shah, Dawvid, Day, Daya, Daye, Dayle, Dayna, Daysie, Daysy, De, Dean, Deana, Deane, Deanna, Deanne, Deb, Debbi, Debbie, Debi, Debor, Debora, Deborah, Debra, Debs, Decha, Decima, Decklan, Declan, Dede, Dee, Deforest, Deforrest, Deidre, Dein, Deiniol, Deinion, Deirdre, Del, Delbert, Delfina, Delfine, Delfine, Deli, Delia, Delice, Delicia, Delight, Delila, Delilah, Delina, Delinda, Delite, Delizia, Dell, Della, Delma, Delmar, Delora, Delores, Deloris, Delphine, Delroy, Delta, Delvene, Delvin, Delvine, Delwyn, Delys, Delysee, Delyth, Demelza, Demetre, Demetri, Demetria, Demetrio, Demetrios, Demetrius, Demi, Demid, Demyan, Den, Dena, Dene, Denes, Denice, Denis, Denisa, Denise, Dennett, Dennis, Denny, Denton, Denys, Denyse, Denzil, Deoiridh, Deon, Deonaid, Deorsa, Deorsa, Derek, Derick, Derina, Derke, Dermid, Dermot, Dermott, Derren, Derric, Derrick, Derrin, Derry, Derryn, Derryth, Dervil, Dervila, Dervile, Dervla, Derwen, Derwyn, Deryk, Des, Desdemona, Deshi, Desiderata, Desiderio, Desir, Desirata, Desire, Desiree, Desley, Desma, Desmond, Desy, Desya, Desyderia, Detlef, Detlev, Detlof, Detta, Deva, Devadasi, Devaki, Devereux, Devi, Devnet, Devon, Devona, Devora, Devorah, Devorgilla, Devoslavia, Devota, Dewei, Dewey, Dewi, DewiSeri, Dex, Dexter, Dezso, Dezydery, Di, Diahann, Diamantina, Diamonda, Dian, Diana, Diane, Dianna, Dianne, Diarmad, Diarmid, Diarmit, Diarmuit, Dick, Dickie, Dickie, Dicky, Didar, Didier, Dido, Didymus, Diederich, Diederick, Diego, Dienes, Dietberga, Dieter, Dietfried, Dietlinde, Dietmar, Dietrich, Dieudonne, Digby, Digna, Dihann, Dil, Dil Nawaz, Dillon, Dilly, Dilwar, Dilwen, Dilwyn, Dilys, Dimiter, Dimitra, Dimitri, Dimitria, Dimitrij, Dimitrije, Dimitris, Dimitry, Dimity, Din, Dina, Dina, Dinah, Dine, Dinese, Dino, Diogo, Dion, Diona, Dione, Dionetta, Dionigio, Dionigo, Dionis, Dionisio, Dionizas, Dionizy, Dionne, Dionyse, Dionysia, Dionysios, Dirk, Disa, Dita, Ditza, Ditzah, Divis, Diwan, Dixie, Dixiebelle, Djoniz, Djonizja, Djoulija, Djuro, Dmitar, Dmitri, Dmitro, Dobe, Dobke, Dobrana, Dobre, Dobrija, Dobrila, Dobromierz, Dobromil, Dobromila, Dobromir, Dobromira, Dobroslav, Dobroslaw, Dobroslawa, Dobrotina, Dobryna, Docilla, Dodie, Dodo, Dog, Dogomogoj, Doileag, Dolag, Dolanna, Dolfine, Dolina, Dollag, Dolly, Dolor, Dolores, Dolorita, Doloritas, Dolour, Dolphins, Domela, Domencio, Domenge, Domenic, Domenica, Domenichino, Domenico, Domenikos, Domicela, Dominga, Domingo, Dominic, Dominick, Dominico, Dominik, Dominika, Dominique, Dominykas, Domitilla, Domnall, Domnech, Domnich, Domnima, Domokas, Domonkos, Don, Donagh, Donal, Donald, Donalda, Donalda, Donalds, Donall, Donat, Donata, Donatella, Donatien, Donato, Donella, Donetta, Donette, Dong, Donica, Donika, Donla, Donn, Donna, Donnag, Donnaidh, Donnie, Donny, Donogh, Donough, Doon, Door, Doortje, Dora, Doralia, Doralice, Doralicia, Doralise, Doran, Dorcas, Dore, Dorean, Doree, Doreen, Dorella, Dorelle, Dorena, Dorene, Dores, Dorete, Doretta, Dorette, Dorette, Dorey, Dori, Doria, Dorian, Dorice, Dorinda, Dorine, Doris, Dorisa, Dorise, Dorita, Dorka, Dorlisa, Dorlise, Dornadilla, Dorofei, Dorofei, Doroltyna, Doron, Dorosia, Dorota, Dorotea, Dorothe, Dorothea, Dorothee, Dorothy, Dorothya, Dorotka, Dorottya, Dorrie, Dorrilyn, Dorris, Dort, Dorte, Dory, Dosia, Dosia, Dosifei, Dost, Dost Muhammad, Dot, Dottie, Douce, Doug, Dougal, Dougall, Dougie, Douglas, Douglass, Dov, Dowsabel, Doyle, Draga, Dragana, Draganka, Dragica, Dragilka, Draglika, Dragojila, Dragon, Draha, Drahomir, Drahomira, Drahos, Drahosek, Drahuse, Drahuska, Draza, Dreda, Drenka, Drew, Dries, Drina, Drogo, Drogomir, Dru, Drusilla, Drutje, Drystan, Drystan, Duald, Duana, Duane, Duarte, Dubhall, Dubhdara, Duc, Dudley, Duff, Dugal, Dugald, Duggie, Duglass, Duha, Duke, Dula, Dulcea, Dulcia, Dulcie, Dulcine, Dulcinea, Dulcy, Dulcyna, Dumitru, Dummas, Duncan, Dunko, Dunstan, Dunya, Duoc, Duong, Dura, Duran, Durl, Dusa, Dusan, Dusana, Dusanek, Dusanka, Duscha, Duschinka, Dusek, Dusica, Dusicka, Duska, Dustin, Dusty, Duvessa, Duy, Dvoire, Dvosye, Dvoyre, Dwane, Dwayne, Dwight, Dwynwen, Dyan, Dyana, Dyane, Dyann, Dyanna, Dyanne, Dylan, Dymitr, Dymphna, Dympna, Dyna, Dysis, Dzena

Eabha, Eachann, Eadaoin, Eadgar, Eadmund, Eairdsidh, Eairrsidh, Ealasaid, Eammon, Eamon, Eamonn, Ean, Eanna, Eanraig, Earl, Earle, Earnest, Eartha, Easter, Eavan, Ebart, Ebba, Ebbe, Ebbo, Ebenezer, Eberardo, Eberhard, Eberhart, Eberta, Eberto, Ebilo, Ebles, Ebner, Ebony, Eckehard, Eckhard, Eckhardt, Ector, Ed, Edan, Edana, Edborough, Edburgh, Edda, Eddard, Eddeva, Eddeve, Eddie, Eddo, Edeline, Edeltraud, Edelyn, Eden, Edeva, Edewele, Edgar, Edgaras, Edgard, Edgardo, Edgyth, Edie, Edila, Edina, Edinburgh, Edit, Edita, Edith, Editha, Edithe, Ediva, Edla, Edlyn, Edme, Edmee, Edmond, Edmonda, Edmondo, Edmonton, Edmund, Edmunda, Edmundas, Edmundo, Edna, Edo, Edoardo, Edom, Edon, Edouard, Edourdo, Edra, Edrea, Edrena, Edriess, Edris, Edrys, Edsel, Eduard, Eduardo, Eduart, Edurn, Edurne, Edvard, Edvardus, Edvige, Edward, Edwardo, Edwart, Edweena, Edwige, Edwin, Edwina, Edwinna, Edyta, Edyth, Edytha, Edythe, Edzard, Eefge, Eegnatie, Eelia, Eereena, Eernest, Eero, Eesidor, Eeto, Eeva, Effemy, Effi, Effie, Efi, Efia, Efisio, Efrain, Efric, Egan, Egbert, Egede, Eggert, Egide, Egidia, Egidio, Egidius, Egidiusz, Egil, Eglah, Eglantine, Eglantyne, Eglentyne, Egon, Egor, Egorka, Eguzki, Egyed, Ehmi, Ehrenfried, Ehud, Eibhear, Eiddwen, Eideard, Eigels, Eileanora, Eileen, Eilene, Eilert, Eilidh, Eilif, Eilis, Eillie, Einar, Einion, Eino, Einri, Einwys, Eira, Eireen, Eirene, Eirian, Eiric, Eirik, Eiriol, Eirwen, Eistir, Eitan, Eithne, Eithrig, Ekala, Ekaterina, Ela, Eladio, Elaine, Elan, Elana, Elane, Elanora, Elata, Elayne, Elberta, Elda, Elde, Eldon, Eldora, Eldrida, Eleanor, Electra, Elek, Elektra, Elen, Elena, Elene, Eleni, Elenie, Elenore, Eleonora, Eleonora, Eleonore, Eleonore, Eleri, Elettra, Elfi, Elfira, Elfleda, Elfreda, Elfrida, Elfriede, Elga, Elgiva, Eli, Elia, Eliana, Eliane, Elianora, Elias, Elidan, Eliezer, Eligia, Eligio, Elija, Elijah, Elijas, Elin, Elined, Elinor, Elinore, Elinud, Elio, Eliot, Elisa, Elisabet, Elisabeth, Elisabetta, Elisavetta, Elise, Eliseo, Elisha, Eliska, Elissa, Elita, Elithe, Eliyahu, Eliza, Elizabella, Elizabet, Elizabeth, Eljasz, Elkan, Elke, Ella, Ellamay, Ellar, Ellard, Elle, Ellen, Ellena, Ellene, Ellenor, Elli, Ellide, Ellie, Elliot, Ellis, Ello, Elly, Ellyn, Ellyse, Elma, Elmer, Elmina, Elmo, Elna, Elnora, Elodia, Elodie, Elof, Eloi, Eloisa, Eloise, Elora, Elouise, Elov, Eloy, Elpidio, Elrica, Elroy, Elsa, Elsabet, Elsbet, Elsbetchen, Elsbeth, Elsdon, Else, Elsebin, Elsey, Elsie, Elsje, Elspeth, Elspie, Elton, Eluf, Eluned, Eluned, Elva, Elvira, Elvis, Elyenora, Elyne, Elyse, Elyshia, Elzbieta, Elzbieta, Elzbietka, Elzinha, Em, Ema, Emalia, Emanielius, Emanuel, Emanuela, Emanuele, Embla, Embrace, Emelda, Emelia, Emeliana, Emelin, Emelina, Emeline, Emelita, Emelyne, Emeny, Emer, Emera, Emerald, Emeranz, Emere, Emerencyanna, Emerentia, Emerentiana, Emerenzia, Emeric, Emerich, Emerick, Emericus, Emeterio, Emidio, Emil, Emile, Emilia, Emilie, Emilien, Emilij, Emilija, Emilio, Emiliya, Emillie, Emily, Eminilda, Emlen, Emlyn, Emlynn, Emma, Emman, Emmanouil, Emmanuel, Emmanuella, Emmanuelle, Emmarald, Emme, Emmeline, Emmelyn, Emmeric, Emmet, Emmo, Emmot, Emmota, Emmy, Emmy Jane, Emmy Jo, Emmylou, Emonn, Emrik, Emrys, Emyr, Ena, Encarna, Encarnacion, Enda, Endota, Endre, Endres, Eneco, Enfys, Engel, Engelbert, Engelberta, Engelchen, Engelina, Engracia, Enid, Ennicus, Ennio, Ennion, Ennis, Enoch, Enodoch, Enola, Enos, Enric, Enrica, Enrichetta, Enrico, Enrika, Enrique, Enriquetta, Enriquette, Enz, Enzo, Eoghan, Eoin, Eolande, Eos, Eostafie, Eostre, Epham, Ephana, Ephraim, Epifania, Epiphama, Epiphanie, Epona, Eppie, Eramus, Erasma, Erasme, Erasmo, Erasmus, Erazm, Ercole, Erdmann, Erdmut, Erena, Erentrude, Erhard, Eria, Eric, Erica, Erich, Ericha, Erih, Erihapeti, Erik, Erika, Erin, Erina, Erinn, Erinna, Erkki, Erland, Erle, Erlend, Erline, Ermannis, Ermanno, Ermas, Erme, Ermelinda, Ermenegilde, Ermenegildo, Ermentraud, Ermete, Ermin, Ermina, Ermine, Erminia, Ermintrude, Ermintrude, Ermonas, Ermyntrude, Ern, Erna, Ernacta, Ernan, Ernest, Ernesta, Ernestas, Erneste, Ernestine, Ernesto, Ernests, Ernestus, Erneszt, Ernie, Ernis, Erno, Ernold, Ernoldo, Ernst, Ernsta, Errin-Joy, Errol, Erroll, Erskine, Ertha, Eruera, Erwin, Eryk, Eryn, Erzbet, Erzsebet, Esa, Esai, Esau, Esben, Esbern, Esbjorn, Esclairmonde, Esdras, Eskaer, Eskarne, Eskel, Eskil, Esme, Esmee, Esmeralda, Esmond, Esperance, Esperanza, Essaia, Essie, Esta, Estanislau, Estaphania, Esteban, Estefania, Estel, Estele, Estella, Estelle, Ester, Estera, Esterre, Estevan, Estevao, Esteve, Estevennes, Esther, Estrelita, Estrella, Estrid, Estrild, Eszter, Etain, Etan, Ethan, Ethel, Etheldreda, Ethelinda, Ethene, Ethenia, Ethna, Etienette, Etienne, Etiennette, Etna, Etta, Ettie, Ettore, Etzel, Euan, Eubh, Eubha, Eucaria, Euchar, Eucharya, Eudia, Eudocia, Eudocie, Eudokhia, Eudoksya, Eudora, Eudossia, Eudoxia, Eudoxie, Eufamie, Eufemia, Eufrazya, Eufrosina, Eufrozyna, Eugen, Eugene, Eugenes, Eugenia, Eugenie, Eugenij, Eugenio, Eugenius, Eugenjusz, Eugracia, Eula, Eulalia, Eulalie, Eumann, Eumenides, Eun, Euna, Eunan, Eunice, Eunike, Euodia, Eupheme, Euphemia, Euphemie, Euphemius, Euphrasia, Euphrasie, Euphrazya, Euphrosyna, Euphrosyne, Eurwen, Euryanthe, Eurydice, Eusebia, Eusebie, Eusebio, Eustace, Eustachas, Eustache, Eustachia, Eustachia, Eustachio, Eustachy, Eustacia, Eustacie, Eustaquio, Eustathius, Eustazio, Eustella, Euthalia, Eutrope, Eutropia, Eutropio, Eva, Evadne, Evan, Evan, Evander, Evangeline, Evanthe, Evariste, Evaristo, Evart, Eve, Eveleen, Evelina, Eveline, Evelyn, Everard, Everett, Everhard, Everild, Everilda, Everilda, Everildis, Evers, Evert, Evette, Evgeni, Evghenios, Evicka, Evie, Evinka, Evirallin, Evircoma, Evita, Evka, Evonne, Evrard, Evraud, Evron, Evulka, Evuska, Evva, Evza, Evza, Evzen, Evzenek, Evzenka, Evzicka, Evzik, Ewa, Ewald, Ewan, Ewart, Ewarts, Ewe, Ewelina, Ewka, Ewould, Ewusche, Ewusche, Ewusia, Eydl, Eyolf, Ezekiel, Ezio, Ezra, Ezzo

Faaih, Faaiz, Faas, Fabia, Fabian, Fabiana, Fabianna, Fabien, Fabienne, Fabijan, Fabio, Fabiola, Fabiola, Fabius, Fabiusz, Fabrice, Fabricio, Fabrienne, Fabrizio, Fachtna, Faddei, Fadi, Fadrique, Fae, Faeberry, Fahd, Faheem, Fahim, Fahmi, Fai, Faid, Faik, Failka, Faina, Faine, Faiq, Fair, Fairlee, Fairley, Fairlie, Faith, Faivish, Faizah, Fajr, Fakhar, Fakhir, Fakhr, Fakhr Ud Dawlah, Fakhr Ud Din, Fakhri, Falah, Falibog, Falih, Falk, Fallon, Fan, Fanchon, Fancy, Fania, Fanny, Fanousek, Fantine, Fanya, Faqir, Farah, Faraj, Faraman, Faramanullah, Fardoragh, Farhad, Farhan, Farhat, Fari, Farid, Farid Ud Din, Farid Ud Din Attar, Farih, Farkas, Farquhar, Farrah, Farrukh, Farrukh Zaad, Farry, Faruq, Fasih, Fasih Ur Rahman, Fath, Fath Allah, Fath Shah, Fathi, Fathy, Fatih, Fatima, Fatin, Fattah, Fattuh, Fausta, Faustina, Faustyna, Fawke, Fawn, Fawwaz, Fawz, Fawziy, Faxon, Fay, Faye, Fayetta, Fayette, Fayge, Fayine, Fayna, Fayne, Fayre, Faysal, Fayvel, Fayyaz, Fayz, Fayz I Rabbaani, Fayz Ud Din, Fayz Ul Anwar, Fayz Ul Haqq, Fayzi, Fayzullah, Fazi, Fazi Ul Haqq, Fazil, Fazle Hahi, Fazle Rabbi, Fazli, Fazlullah, Fearadhach, Feardorcha, Fearghal, Fearghas, Feba, Febe, Febo, Febronia, Fedele, Fedelma, Federico, Federigo, Fedor, Fedora, Fedosi, Fedot, Fedya, Feebee, Feel, Feeleep, Feena, Feichin, Feidrik, Feige, Feivel, Felda, Felep, Felice, Felicia, Felicia, Feliciano, Felicidad, Felicidade, Felicie, Felicija, Felicijanna, Felicissma, Felicita, Felicite, Felicity, Feliciza, Felicja, Felicula, Felicyanna, Felide, Feliks, Feliksa, Felip, Felip, Felipa, Felipe, Felis, Felise, Felisia, Felisitas, Felix, Feliza, Fenella, Fenton, Feodor, Feodora, Feodora, Feodosi, Feofil, Feoras, Feoris, Ferapont, Ferdie, Ferdinand, Ferdinando, Ferdinandus, Ferelith, Ferenc, Ferencz, Fergal, Fergie, Fergus, Ferko, Fermin, Fern, Fernan, Fernand, Fernanda, Fernande, Fernando, Fernao, Feronia, Ferrand, Ferranta, Ferrante, Ferrao, Ferrer, Ferruccio, Ferry, Ferynand, Festus, Fey, Ffraid, Fiachna, Fiachra, Fiacra, Fiacre, Fiammetta, Fida, Fidamnan, Fidea, Fidel, Fidele, Fidelia, Fidelinsz, Fidelio, Fidelis, Fidelity, Fidelius, Fidelma, Fides, Fidrich, Fieke, Fife, Fifi, Fifine, Fikri, Filandras, Filat, Fildes, Filep, Filib, Filiberto, Filip, Filipa, Filipek, Filippa, Filippinho, Filippo, Fillis, Fillisa, Filomena, Filumena, Filypas, Fima, Fimochka, Fina, Finbar, Finella, Fingal, Fingall, Finian, Finin, Finlay, Finley, Finn, Finna, Finnghala, Finnian, Finola, Fio, Fiona, Fionn, Fionnan, Fionnuala, Fionnula, Fionola, Fiontan, Fiore, Fiorella, Fiorenza, Fiorenzo, Firdaus, Firdausi, Firmin, Firmino, Firs, Firuz, Firuz Akhtar, Firuz Bakht, Fisa, Fishke, Fishl, Flann, Flannan, Flarance, Flavia, Flavianne, Flavie, Flawia, Flaxa, Fleda, Fledrik, Fleming, Flemming, Fleta, Fletcher, Fleur, Fleurette, Flick, Fliora, Flo, Floella, Floortje, Flor, Flora, Floranz, Flore, Florence, Florencia, Florencija, Florencya, Florentia, Florentina, Florentyna, Florenz, Floretta, Florette, Florey, Floria, Florian, Florias, Florida, Florina, Florinda, Floris, Florrie, Florry, Flossie, Flower, Floyd, Foka, Foke, Foker, Fokke, Fokker, Folant, Folke, Folker, Folvard, Foma, Fomaida, Fonda, Fonsie, Forbes, Ford, Forest, Forrest, Fortuna, Fortunata, Fortunato, Fosetta, Foster, Fotini, Fouchier, Foulquie, Fowke, Foy, Fran, Frana, Franas, Franc, Franca, France, Franceen, Franceja, Francene, Frances, Francesc, Francesca, Francesco, Franchette, Franchot, Franchtje, Franci, Francillon, Francilo, Francine, Francis, Francisca, Francisco, Francisek, Franciskus, Franciszek, Franciszka, Franco, Francois, Francoise, Francyne, Frane, Franek, Frang, Frang, Frangag, Frangan, Franissa, Franisse, Franjo, Frank, Franka, Frankie, Franklin, Franta, Frantik, Frantisek, Frantiska, Frantiska, Franulka, Franz, Franzisk, Franziska, Frascuela, Frascuelo, Fraser, Frasquita, Frasquita, Frasquito, Frauke, Frayda, Frazea, Frazer, Fred, Freda, Freddie, Freddy, Fredegonde, Fredella, Frederic, Frederica, Frederick, Frederico, Frederik, Frederikos, Frederique, Fredricka, Fredrik, Fredson, Freeik, Freek, Freida, Freja, Frek, Frerik, Freya, Freyde, Friddy, Frideric, Friderik, Fridko, Fridli, Fridrada, Fridrich, Fridrike, Fridrun, Friede, Friedelinde, Friedemann, Friederike, Friedhelm, Friedrich, Frigyes, Fritjof, Fritz, Fritzi, Frode, Froim, Fronia, Frostine, Frugola, Frume, Frusannah, Fryderyk, Frydryka, Fuad, Fucho, Fukayna, Fulco, Fulgencio, Fulgenzio, Fulip, Fulk, Fulke, Fulla, Fulop, Fulto, Fulup, Fulvia, Furogh, Furqan, Fusca, Futuh, Future, Fyfe, Fynballa, Fyodor, Fyodor

Gaba, Gabek, Gabela, Gabella, Gabi, Gabina, Gabinka, Gabirol, Gabor, Gabra, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabrielius, Gabriella, Gabrielle, Gabriello, Gabrieluis, Gabril, Gabrilla, Gabrioletta, Gabrjela, Gabryel, Gabryiela, Gabrys, Gabrysia, Gabrysz, Gaby, Gadea, Gae, Gael, Gaenor, Gaetan, Gaetano, Gai, Gaia, Gail, Gailene, Gailina, Gailine, Gaity, Gaitzka, Gala, Galatea, Galatina, Gale, Galea, Galen, Galfrida, Galia, Galia, Galiana, Galiani, Galiena, Galina, Galla, Gallus, Galterius, Gamaliel, Gan, Gan, Ganga, Gappe, Garalt, Garcia, Garcillasso, Gard, Garda, Gareth, Garfield, Garit, Garland, Garnet, Garratt, Garret, Garrett, Garrison, Garrit, Garry, Garsha, Garth, Gary, Gaso, Gaspar, Gasparas, Gaspard, Gasparde, Gaspardo, Gaspare, Gaston, Gatier, Gaton, Gaudenta, Gaudentia, Gauhar, Gauharzay, Gauri, Gauthier, Gauvain, Gavan, Gaven, Gavin, Gavino, Gavra, Gavril, Gavrilla, Gawain, Gawayne, Gawel, Gawen, Gawne, Gay, Gaye, Gayeirges, Gayla, Gayle, Gayleen, Gaylene, Gayline, Gaylor, Gaylord, Gaynor, Gayorgee, Gaz, Gearalt, Gearoid, Gebhard, Ged, Gedde, Geena, Geeraard, Geerd, Geert, Geerta, Geertje, Geertke, Geertrudis, Geertrui, Geertruide, Geeta, Geetha, Geller, Gellert, Geltrude, Gem, Gemini, Gemma, Gemmes, Gen, Gena, Gene, Genette, Geneva, Genevieve, Genevion, Genevra, Genia, Geniere, Genieve, Genista, Genna, Gennadi, Gennaro, Genni, Gennifer, Genny, Genofeva, Genofwica, Genovefa, Genoveffa, Genovera, Genowefa, Genowica, Geoff, Geoffrey, Geoffroi, Geofredo, Geofridius, Geordie, Georg, George, Georgena, Georgene, Georges, Georgeta, Georgette, Georgi, Georgia, Georgiana, Georgiann, Georgianna, Georgie, Georgij, Georgina, Georgine, Georgio, Georgios, Georgit, Georgius, Georgiz, Georgo, Georgy, Ger, Geraint, Gerald, Geralda, Geraldina, Geraldine, Geraldus, Gerallt, Gerard, Gerardo, Gerardus, Gerart, Gerasim, Geraud, Geraud, Gerd, Gerda, Gerde, Gerdi, Gerel, Gerelda, Gereon, Gerga, Gergelij, Gergely, Gergely, Gergen, Gerhard, Gerhardine, Gerhardt, Gerhold, Gerilo, Gerit, Gerivas, Gerlach, Gerlina, Gerlinda, Gerlinde, Germain, Germaine, German, Germana, Germano, Germayn, Germayne, Gernot, Gero, Gerolt, Gerome, Geronimo, Gerrard, Gerrehor, Gerrit, Gerrudah, Gerry, Gershom, Gershon, Gert, Gerta, Gertie, Gertraud, Gertraude, Gertraut, Gertrud, Gertruda, Gertrude, Gertrudes, Gertruida, Gervaas, Gervais, Gervaise, Gervas, Gervase, Gervasi, Gervasio, Gervasy, Gervis, Gerwazy, Gesa, Gesualdo, Gethin, Geza, Ghaffar, Ghafur, Ghais, Ghaiyyas, Ghalib, Ghallab, Ghani, Ghanim, Gharib, Ghassan, Ghaus, Ghazanfar, Ghazi, Ghazzali, Gheorghe, Gherardino, Gherardo, Gherhardo, Ghislain, Ghislaine, Ghislaine, Ghiyas, Ghiyas Ud Din, Ghufran, Ghulam, Ghulam Kibria, Gi, Gia, Giacinta, Giacobba, Giacobbe, Giacomo, Gian, Giankos, Gianna, Giannakos, Gianni, Gianninno, Gianozzi, Gib, Gibby, Gide, Gideon, Gieorgia, Gieraud, Gigi, Giglio, Gil, Gilarij, Gilavij, Gilbart, Gilbert, Gilberta, Gilbertas, Gilbertina, Gilbertine, Gilberto, Gilda, Giles, Giliber, Gill, Gillanders, Gilleonan, Gilles, Gillespie, Gillian, Gillies, Gillis, Gillo, Gilly, Gilo, Gilroy, Gin, Gina, Ginette, Ginette, Ginevra, Ginevra, Ginger, Ginny, Gino, Gioacchino, Gioacchino, Gioachino, Giocobbe, Gioconda, Gioffredo, Giofredo, Gioiachino, Giordano, Gioretta, Giorganna, Giorghic, Giorgio, Gioseffa, Giosue, Giovanni, Girairs, Giralda, Giraldo, Giraldo, Giraldos, Girigel, Girolamo, Girraween, Gisa, Gisbert, Gisebright, Gisela, Giselbert, Gisele, Gisella, Giselle, Gislog, Gita, Githa, Gitte, Gittel, Giuditta, Giulia, Giulietta, Giulio, Giuseppe, Giuseppina, Giustino, Giusto, Gizelle, Gjord, Gjosta, Gjuraj, Gjurgjinka, Gjurjija, Gjuro, Gladdis, Gladstone, Gladuse, Gladwin, Gladys, Glaphyra, Glaud, Gleb, Glen, Glenda, Glenice, Glenicia, Glenis, GlenMarie, Glenn, Glenna, Glenne, Glennis, Glenys, Gliberte, Gloria, Gloriana, Gloriane, Glory, Gloukera, Glycere, Glycere, Glyceria, Glykera, Glyn, Glyndwr, Glynis, Glynn, Glynnis, Goat, Gobnait, Gobnat, Godafrey, Goddard, Godel, Godelieve, Godfree, Godfrey, Godfried, Godfrith, Godiva, Godlef, Godlieve, Godliva, Godofredo, Godonne, Godwin, Goetz, Goffredo, Gofredo, Goga, Gogo, Goiridh, Goito, Golda, Golde, Goldia, Goldie, Goldina, Golfridus, Gomer, Goncalvo, Gonnilda, Gonor, Gonzague, Gonzalo, Goodwin, Gool, Goolcoola, Goorewon, Gopa, Gopi, Gora, Goraidh, Goran, Goratij, Gordana, Gordon, Gorej, Goretti, Gorgel, Gorka, Gormelia, Gormla, Gormlaith, Goro, Goronwy, Gorya, Gosia, Goska, Gospava, Gosta, Gostanza, Gotfryd, Gottfried, Gottfried, Gotthard, Gotthelf, Gotthilf, Gotthold, Gottlieb, Gottlob, Gottschalk, Gotz, Gotzon, Goulielmos, Govert, Goyo, Grace, Gracia, Graciano, Gracie, Graciela, Graciosa, Graeme, Graham, Grahame, Grainne, Grandma, Grandpa, Grania, Grant, Granuate, Granville, Granya, Grase, Grata, Gratia, Gratien, Grayce, Grazia, Graziano, Graziella, Greagoir, Greer, Greet, Greetje, Greg, Greger, Gregers, Gregg, Gregoire, Gregor, Gregoria, Gregorie, Gregorijie, Gregorio, Gregorius, Gregory, Gregos, Gregus, Greig, Greis, Gret, Greta, Gretchen, Grete, Gretel, Gretje, Gretta, Greville, Griet, Grietje, Griff, Griffith, Grigg, Grigor, Grigori, Grigoria, Grigoris, Grigory, Griogair, Griogair, Grischa, Griselda, Grisha, Grissecon, Grit, Gritt, Gritta, Grizel, Gro, Grover, Grunya, Grusha, Grygallis, Grzegorz, Guadalupe, Gualter, Gualterio, Gualterius, Gualtier, Guda, Gudelia, Gudrun, Gudula, Gudule, Guelda, Guenevere, Guenther, Guglielma, Guglielmo, Guida, Guiditta, Guido, Guidonas, Guilbert, Guilette, Guilhermo, Guilia, Guiliano, Guilietta, Guillarn, Guillaume, Guillelmo, Guillema, Guillemot, Guillene, Guillermo, Guillym, Guinevere, Guinievere, Guiseppina, Guista, Guistina, Gula, Gulilda, Gull, Gumersinda, Gunborg, Gundega, Gunder, Gunhilda, Guni, Gunila, Gunilla, Gunn, Gunnar, Gunnborg, Gunne, Gunnel, Gunnhild, Gunnila, Gunnilla, Gunnvor, Gunter, Gunthar, Gunther, Gunver, Gunvor, Guotin, Gurley, Guro, Gurutz, Gus, Gus, Gusjaw, Gussie, Gusta, Gustaf, Gustaff, Gustav, Gustave, Gustavius, Gustavo, Gustavus, Guta, Guto, Gutun, Gutyn, Guy, Guyat, Guylaine, Guyra, Gwalchmai, Gwalder, Gwen, Gwenda, Gwendelyn, Gwendolen, Gwendolin, Gwendoline, Gwendolyn, Gweneth, Gweneve, Gwenfrewi, Gwenhwyfar, Gwenith, Gwenivere, Gwenllian, Gwenneth, Gwennol, Gwenyth, Gwerful, Gwilerm, Gwilym, Gwladus, Gwladys, Gwladys, Gwril, Gwydyr, Gwylym, Gwyn, Gwynedd, Gwyneth, Gwynfor, Gwynifor, Gwynne, Gwynneth, Gwynyth, Gwythyr, Gye, Gyles, Gymea, Gyorgy, Gyozo, Gypsy, Gysbert, Gytha, Gyula

Haafiz, Haakim, Haamid, Haaris, Haashim, Haashimi, Habacuc, Habakkuk, Habib, Habibah, Habibah, Habibullah, Hachi, Hachiko, Hachiyo, Hadassa, Hadassah, Hadaya, Hadi, Hadiya, Hadria, Hadrian, Hadriano, Hadrien, Hafi, Hafiz, Hafs, Hafthah, Hafwen, Hagar, Hagen, Hai, Haidar, Haidee, Haido, Hailey, Hajar, Haji, Hakam, Hakan, Hakeem, Hakon, Hal, Halcyon, Haldis, Haldor, Hale, Haley, Halim, Halina, Hall, Halldor, Halle, Hallie, Hallstein, Hallsten, Hallvard, Hallvor, Halona, Halsten, Halvar, Halvard, Halvdan, Halvor, Hama, Hamad, Hamd, Hamdi, Hamid, Hamilton, Hamish, Hammam, Hammud, Hamud, Hamza, Hana, Hana, Hana, Hanai, Hanako, Hanan, Hanbal, Hanchen, Haneen, Hanek, Hani, Hania, Hania, Hanicka, Hanif, Hanif Ud Din’, Hanifah, Hanin, Hanin, Hanita, Hanja, Hank, Hanka, Hanka, Hanke, Hanko, Hanna, Hannah, Hannan, Hanne, Hannelore, Hannes, Hanni, Hannie, Hannu, Hannus, Hanny, Hans, Hansi, Hansine, Hanto, Hanun, Hanus, Hanusek, Hanya, Hapai, Happy, Haqq, Haqqi, Hara, Haral, Harald, Haraldo, Haralds, Harbert, Harbrecht, Harding, Harelda, Hariata, Hariata, Hariz, Harlan, Harland, Harley, Harlief, Harman, Harmonia, Harold, Haroldas, Haroldina, Haroun, Harper, Harried, Harriet, Harriett, Harrietta, Harriette, Harriot, Harrison, Harry, Hartley, Hartman, Hartmann, Hartmut, Hartwig, Hartwin, Haru, Harun, Harun, Harun Ur Rashid, Harv, Harve, Harvey, Hasan, Hasan Askari, Hasan Mujtaba, Hasanat, Hasanayn, Hasanayn Nawaz, Hasani, Hashamat, Hasher, Hasib, Hasif, Hasim, Hasin, Hasina, Haskal, Haskel, Hassan, Hassan Bin Sabit, Hata, Hatem, Hathor, Hatif, Hatiya, Hattie, Hatty, Hava, Havel, Havelek, Havlik, Havoise, Hawa, Hawise, Haya, Haya, Hayat, Hayden, Haydn, Haydon, Haylea, Haylee, Hayley, Hayly, Haysam, Hayy, Hazel, Hazim, Hazrat, Heather, Hebe, Heber, Heberto, Heckie, Hector, Hectorina, Hedda, Heddwyn, Hedley, Hedvig, Hedviga, Hedvige, Hedvika, Hedwegis, Hedwig, Hedy, Heidi, Heike, Heikki, Heiko, Heilyn, Heino, Heinrich, Heinrike, Heinz, Heitor, Heledd, Helen, Helena, Helene, Helenka, Helewise, Helfgott, Helfried, Helga, Helge, Hella, Hellmut, Helma, Helmfrid, Helmfried, Helmi, Helmina, Helmine, Helmut, Helmuth, Heloise, Helsa, Hemma, Hemming, Hendrica, Hendrik, Hendrika, Hendrinka, Heng, Heni, Henka, Henning, Henri, Henrieta, Henrietta, Henriette, Henrik, Henrika, Henrike, Henrinka, Henriquieta, Henry-Etta, Henry, Henryka, Hephzibah, Hepziba, Hepzibah, Hepzibeth, Hera, Heracles, Heraclia, Herb, Herbert, Herberta, Herbertas, Herbie, Hercule, Hercules, Herewini, Heribert, Herleif, Herlinda, Herlinde, Herlindis, Herlof, Herluf, Herma, Herman, Hermando, Hermann, Hermannus, Hermano, Hermeli, Hermenegildo, Hermia, Hermine, Herminia, Herminio, Hermione, Hermon, Hermosa, Hernan, Hernanda, Hernando, Hernays, Hernias, Hero, Heronyma, Herschel, Hershel, Hersta, Herta, Herta, Hertha, Hertha, Herve, Heshel, Heshi, Heskel, Hesketh, Hester, Hestera, Hettie, Hetty, Hew, Hewie, Hiba, Hibatullah, Hidayat, Hidayat Ul Haqq, Hidayatullah, Hieronimo, Hieronom, Hieronomette, Hieronymus, Hieu, Hika, Hikmat, Hilaire, Hilal, Hilali, Hilaria, Hilarie, Hilario, Hilary, Hilda, Hilde, Hildebrand, Hildegard, Hilery, Hiliver, Hillary, Hillda, Hillel, Hillevi, Hilma, Hilmi, Hilppa, Hiltraud, Himayat, Himmat, Hina, HinaUri, Hinda, Hinde, HineHauone, HineKauIRangi, Hinemoa, HineRaumati, HineTakurua, HineTitama, HineTupariMaunga, HineWai, Hinrich, Hipolit, Hipolito, Hippolyta, Hippolyte, Hiram, Hiria, Hiria, Hiriwa, Hiromasa, Hiroshi, Hirsch, Hirsh, Hisa, Hisae, Hisako, Hisay, Hisham, Hisoka, Hjalmar, Hjeronim, Hjordis, Ho, Ho, Hoa, Hoai, Hoana, Hoang, Hoc, Hodierna, Hogge, Hohepa, Holda, Holger, Holla, Hollee, Hollie, Holly, Homer, Homfroi, Hone, Honesta, Honey, Hong, Hong, Honor, Honora, Honorata, Honore, Honoria, Honorine, Honour, Hop, Hope, Hopkin, Horace, Horatia, Horatio, Horatius, Horeb, Horek, Horek, Hori, Horik, Horik, Horse, Horst, Hortense, Hortensia, Hortensja, Hosanna, Hosch, Hoshi, Hoshie, Hoshiko, Hoshiyo, Howard, Howell, Howin, Hrodert, Hrodjier, Hrodpehrt, Hrolf, Hrorek, Hrothgar, Hrudolf, Hu, Hua, Hubert, Huberta, Hubertus, Hubrecht, Hud, Huda, Hue, Hues, Hugh, Hughie, Hughina, Hughla, Hugo, Hugon, Hugues, Huguette, Huhana, Huhana, Huib, Huig, Huisdean, Hulda, Huldah, Huldr, Humam, Humam Ud Din, Humayd, Humayun, Humbert, Humfredo, Humfrid, Humpbacks, Humphrey, Humphry, Hunfredo, Hung, Huong, Huppert, Hupprecht, Huria, Huriana, Husam, Husam Ud Dawlah, Husam Ud Din, Husayn, Husayni, Husni, Huub, Huw, Huy, Hy, Hyacinth, Hyacintha, Hyacinthie, Hyam, Hye, Hylda, Hyledd, Hyman, Hymie, Hypatia, Hywel, Hywell

Ia, Iagan, Iago, Iain, Iaione, Ian, Ianthe, Iarlaith, Ib, Iba, Iballa, Ibn, Ibn Sina, Ibrahim, Ibrahim, Ibtisam, Ida, Idabell, Idal, Idalia, Idalina, Idaline, Idda, Iddun, Ideny, Idetta, Idette, Idona, Idonea, Idony, Idoya, Idrak, Idris, Idris, Idrisi, Iduna, Idwal, Idzi, Iestin, Iestyn, Ieuan, Ievan, Ifan, Ifor, Ifran, Iftikhar, Iftikhar Ud Din, Ignaas, Ignac, Ignace, Ignacek, Ignacek, Ignacey, Ignacia, Ignacio, Ignacy, Ignacya, Ignascha, Ignasha, Ignatia, Ignatius, Ignatus, Ignatz, Ignaz, Ignazia, Ignazio, Ignezia, Igor, Igraine, Ihipera, Ihipera, Ihsan, Ihsan Ul Haqq, Ihtisham, Iiaahi Bakhsh, Iiahi, Iiahi Bakhsh, Iida, Iiham, Iiiyas, Iiris, Iiyas, Ijaz, Ijaz Ul Haqq, Ijlal, Ike, Ikhlas, Ikhtiyar, Iklil, Ikram, Ikram Ul Haqq, Ikramullah, Iksir, Ilana, Ilar, Ilari, Ilaria, Ilario, Ilayne, Ildiko, Ileana, Ileane, Ilene, Iley, Iliana, Ilie, Ilinca, Iliska, Ilja, Ilka, Ilka, Illarion, Illtud, Ilona, Ilone, Ilonie, Ilsa, Ilse, Ilya, Ilyas, Imaad ud Dawlah, Imaculata, Imad, Imad Ud Din, Imagene, Imam, Iman, Imanol, Imber, Imdad, Imelda, Imhear, Imke, Imma, Immacolata, Immaculata, Immanuel, Imogen, Imogene, Imojean, Imperio, Imran, Imre, Imtiyaz, Ina, InaAniVai, Inaki, Inam, Inam Ul Haqq, Inari, Inas, Inayat, Inayat Ud Din, Inayat Ur Rahman, Inayatullah, Indalecio, India, Indira, Indranee, Indrani, Ineka, Ines, Inesila, Inesita, Inessa, Inez, Inga, Ingaborg, Ingar, Inge, Ingeborg, Ingeburg, Ingegard, Ingegerd, Ingelisa, Ingemar, Inger, Ingmar, Ingram, Ingrid, Ingvar, Iniga, Inigd, Inigo, Inmaculada, Innes, Innocenzo, Innogen, Innokenti, Ino, Inocencio, Inocenta, Insaf, Inshirah, Intisar, Io, Iola, Iolana, Ioland, Iolande, Iolanthe, Iole, Iolo, Iomhar, Ion, Iona, Ione, Iorghu, Iorgu, Iorwerth, Ioseph, Iosif, Ipati, Iphigenia, Iphigenie, Ippolita, Ippolito, Iqbal, Ira, Iragarte, Irena, Irene, Irenei, Irial, Irina, Iris, Irish Blessing, Irish Wish, Irma, Irmgard, Irmina, Irmtraud, Irshad, Irtiza, Irtiza Husayn, Irva, Irvette, Irvine, Irving, Irwin, Is’ad, Isa, Isa, Isa Ibn Maryam, Isaac, Isaak, Isabeal, Isabeau, Isabel, Isabelhina, Isabelhina, Isabelita, Isabella, Isabelle, Isac, Isadora, Isadore, Isaia, Isaiah, Isaias, Isaie, Isaih, Isak, Isas, Isaut, Isaya, Isbel, Iseabail, Iser, Isere, Iseult, Ishaq, Ishbel, Ishfaq, Ishi, Ishiko, Ishiyo, Ishmael, Ishtiyaq, Isibeal, Isidor, Isidora, Isidore, Isidoro, Isis, Iskander, Iskender, Isla, Islah, Islam, Islam Shah, Islay, Isleen, Islwyn, Ismail, Ismat, Ismay, Ismena, Ismene, Ismenia, Ismet, Isobel, Isobella, Isolad, Isolda, Isolde, Isolt, Isra, Israel, Israr, Issachar, Issur, Istvan, Ita, Itala, Italo, Itamar, Ithaca, Itidal, Itimad, Itisberga, Itta, Itzal, Iva, Ivan, Ivana, Ivancica, Ivanjuscha, Ivanku, Ivanna, Ivar, Iven, Iver, Ives, Ivetta, Ivette, Ivka, Ivo, Ivon, Ivor, Ivory, Ivy, Iwo, Ixchel, Iyad, Izaak, Izabel, Izabela, Izabella, Izak, Izaz, Izaz Ud Dawlah, Izidora, Izot, Izydor, Izz, Izz Ud Dawlah, Izz Ud Din, Izzat, Izzie, Izzy

J’aime, Ja, Jaak, Jaakko, Jaako, Jaap, Jabbar, Jabez, Jabir, Jacek, Jacenta, Jacenty, Jach, Jachym, Jacilyn, Jacinda, Jacinta, Jacinth, Jacintha, Jacinthe, Jacinto, Jack, Jackalleyne, Jackelyn, Jackie, Jacklyn, Jacko, Jackson, Jacky, Jaclyn, Jaco, Jacob, Jacoba, Jacobella, Jacobina, Jacobine, Jacobos, Jacopo, Jacovina, Jacqueline, Jacquelyn, Jacquenette, Jacques, Jacquetta, Jacqui, Jacyn, Jacynn, Jacynth, Jade, Jadviga, Jadwal, Jadwiga, JaeHwa, Jael, Jafar, Jafar As Sadiq, Jaffe, Jafnat, JaganMatri, Jago, Jahan, Jahangir, Jahid, Jahna, Jaime, Jaimini, Jakab, Jake, Jakelina, Jakob, Jakobus, Jakolin, Jakov, Jakub, Jakuba, Jalal, Jalil, Jama, Jamal, Jamal Ud din, Jamali, Jambavati, Jamella, James, Jamesina, Jamey, Jami, Jamie, Jamil, Jamshed, Jan, Jan, Jan E Alam, Jan Muhammad, Jana, Janab, Janata, Jancis, Jane, Janecek, Janek, Janel, Janella, Janelle, Janesika, Janet, Janeta, Janetje, Janetje, Janett, Janetta, Janetta, Janette, Janette, Janey, Jania, Janice, Janie, Janik, Janina, Janine, Janis, Janja, Janka, Janko, Janna, Jannah, Jannali, Janne, Jannike, Janos, Januaria, Janusz, Jar Allah, Jared, Jarita, Jarlath, Jarod, Jarogniew, Jaromierz, Jaromil, Jaropelk, Jaropluk, Jaroslav, Jaroslava, Jaroslavna, Jaroslaw, Jaroslawa, Jarred, Jarrod, Jarryd, Jartrad, Jarvis, Jas, Jasim, Jasim Ud Din, Jasir, Jaslyn, Jasmin, Jasmina, Jasmine, Jason, Jasper, Jassy, Jasur, Jatila, Jatmund, Jaume, Javed, Javier, Javotte, Jawad, Jawahir, Jaward, Jawhar, Jay, Jayanti, Jayde, Jayden, Jaykeb, Jayne, Jaynie, Jazeps, JD, Jean, Jeane, Jeanella, Jeanette, Jeanetton, Jeanie, Jeanine, Jeanne, Jeannette, Jeannie, Jeannine, Jed, Jeda, Jedert, Jedrej, Jedrzej, Jeen, Jeff, Jefferson, Jeffery, Jeffrey, Jeffroi, Jefronissa, Jehosheba, Jekups, Jela, Jelena, Jelisaveta, Jem, Jemima, Jemimah, Jemma, Jen, Jenaro, Jenavive, Jenda, Jendriska, Jenella, Jenelle, Jenica, Jenkin, Jenna, Jennavah, Jennelle, Jennet, Jennevah, Jenni, JenniAnn, Jennianne, Jennie, JennieAnn, Jennifer, Jenniva, Jennivah, Jenny, Jennyanne, Jeno, Jenofeba, Jenofeva, Jens, Jensine, Jenufa, Jeps, Jera, Jerald, Jerassim, Jeremey, Jeremiah, Jeremias, Jeremjasz, Jeremy, Jeriamiasz, Jerk, Jerker, Jerko, Jermaine, Jermias, Jermyn, Jeroen, Jeroma, Jerome, Jeromette, Jeromino, Jeronim, Jeronima, Jeronimo, Jeronimus, Jeronyma, Jerrard, Jerrold, Jerry, Jerusalem, Jerusha, Jerzy, Jesika, Jesmond, Jesper, Jess, Jessalin, Jessamin, Jessamine, Jessamy, Jessamyn, Jesse, Jesseka, Jessica, Jessie, Jessika, Jessy, Jessye, Jesus, Jesusa, Jesusita, Jethro, Jetje, Jetta, Jette, Jeune, Jeva, Jevdoksija, Jevfimija, Jevgenij, Jevgenijs, Jevva, Jewa, Jewel, Jewele, Jezabel, Jhone, Jiba, Jibrail, Jibri, Jihad, Jilea, Jiliette, Jill, Jillana, Jilli, Jillian, Jilliana, Jilliann, Jillianne, Jillie, Jillieanne, Jilly, Jim, Jimmie, Jimmy, JimutaVahana, Jin, Jinana, Jinchilla, Jindra, Jindrich, Jindriska, Jindriska, JingQuo, Jinn, Jirakee, Jiri, Jiri, Jiro, Jitka, Jivrail, Jo, Joachim, Joachime, Joakim, Joan, Joana, Joanie, Joanna, Joanne, Joao, Joaquim, Joaquin, Joaquina, Job, Joben, Jobeth, Jobina, Jobst, Jocasta, Jocea, Jocelene, Jocelin, Jocelyn, Jocelynne, Jochem, Jochen, Jochim, Jock, Jockan, Jockey, Jockie, Jockum, Jocunda, Jocundilla, Joday, Jodene, Jodi, Jodia, Jodie, Jodis, Jody, Joe, Joeanna, Joel, Joelene, Joeline, Joella, Joelle, Joergen, Joey, Joh, Johan, Johana, Johanina, Johaninna, Johanita, Johann, Johanna, Johannes, Johannita, Johanon, Joharna, John, Johnathan, Johnathon, Johnnie, Johnno, Johnny, Joia, Joice, Joina, Jokum, Jola, Jolan, Jolana, Jolanda, Jolande, Jolanta, Jolene, Joletta, Jolie, Joliette, Jolyon, Jomei, Jon, Jonah, Jonas, Jonatans, Jonathan, Jonathon, Jone, Joneen, Jonella, Jonet, Joni, Jonie, Jonilla, Jonna, Jonnie, Jonno, Jonny, Jonothon, Jonquil, Jons, Joop, Joord, Joos, Joost, Joran, Jord, Jordaan, Jordan, Jordana, Jordanes, Jordi, Jordina, Joren, Jorg, Jorge, Jorgen, Jori, Joris, Jorma, Jorn, Joscelin, Josceline, Jose, Joseba, Josee, Josef, Josefa, Josefina, Joselyn, Josep, Joseph, Josepha, Josephe, Josephina, Josephine, Josephus, Joses, Josette, Josh, Josha, Joshua, Josiah, Josiana, Josiane, Josie, Josip, Joska, Joslin, Joss, Joss, Josse, Josse, Josselin, Jossif, Josslyn, Jossy, Josune, Jourdain, Jovana, Jovanna, Jovica, Jovka, Joward, Joy, Joya, Joyce, Joycelin, Joycia, Joycie, Joye, Joyslin, Joza, Jozafat, Jozanek, Jozapata, Jozef, Jozef, Jozefa, Jozka, Jozo, Jozua, Jozy, Jra, Juan, Juana, Juanita, Juanito, Jubilee, Jucunda, Juczi, Judah, Judas, Judd, Jude, Judeen, Judetta, Judi, Judie, Judina, Judit, Judita, Judith, Juditha, Judithe, Judy, Judye, Judyta, Judyta, Juesaes, Jugge, Juha, Juhani, Juia, Juin, Jukunda, Jule, Jules, Julette, Juli, Julia, Julian, Juliana, Juliane, Juliann, Julianne, Julie, Julien, Julienne, Juliet, Julieta, Julietta, Juliette, Julija, Julijanna, Julijona, Julijonas, Julina, Juline, Julio, Julio, Julion, Julis, Juliska, Julita, Julitta, Julius, Juliusz, Julka, Julya, Julyen, Juma, Jumayyil, Jun, Jun, Junayd, June, Junee, Junella, Junette, Juney, Juni, Junia, Juniata, Junie, Junilla, Juniper, Junita, Junnie, Junnie, Juno, Junula, Jununda, Jurek, Jurg, Jurgen, Jurgi, Jurgis, Jurica, Jurn, Jurnica, Juro, Jurria, Jusepe, Jussi, Just, Justa, Justeen, Justice, Justilla, Justin, Justina, Justinas, Justine, Justinian, Justino, Justo, Justus, Justyn, Jusuf, Juta, Jutah, Jutha, Juthware, Jutka, Jutta, Jutte, Juut, Juverna, Juwairiyah, Jvan, Jveica, Jyotis, Jytte

Kaapo, Kaarle, Kaatje, Kab, Kabir, Kacey, Kacia, Kaddo, Kadena, Kadi, Kadla, Kado, Kadreinl, Kaede, Kaemon, Kaethe, Kafi, Kafil, Kafil Ud Din, Kagami, Kai, Kaikasi, Kailida, Kaine, Kaj, Kaja, Kajetan, Kajicek, Kajik, Kajin, Kajinek, Kajsa, Kalam, Kalan, Kalandra, Kalandria, Kaleigh, Kaley, Kali, Kalika, Kalila, Kalim, Kalimullah, Kalina, Kalinda, Kalinda, Kaliope, Kalla, Kalle, Kalli, Kallie, Kallisto, Kalliyan, Kalman, Kalyan, Kalypso, Kam, Kamal, Kamal Ud Din, Kamala, Kamaria, Kamballa, Kameko, Kamella, Kamellia, Kamil, Kamil, Kamila, Kamilah, Kamini, Kamran, Kana, Kana, Kanah, Kandelka, Kandra, Kane, Kane, Kannaki, Kanya, Kaori, Kapiton, Kara, Karam, Karamat, Karamat Ali, Karamullah, Kararaina, Kardar, Kare, Kareelah, Kareen, Karel, Karen, Karena, Karessa, Kari, Karia, Karim, Karin, Karina, Karine, Karis, Karita, Karitta, Karl, Karla, Karlee, Karlene, Karletta, Karlik, Karlinka, Karlmann, Karlo, Karlotta, Karlotta, Karlotte, Karmein, Karmena, Karna, Karol, Karolcia, Karole, Karolek, Karolina, Karoline, Karolius, Karoly, Karp, Karri, Karrin, Karrole, Karsten, Karstin, Karyn, Kasche, Kaschis, Kasen, Kasey, Kasia, Kasimir, Kasimira, Kasir, Kasmen, Kaspar, Kasparas, Kaspe, Kasper, Kasperi, Kassandra, Kasse, Kassiani, Kastaden, Kata, Kataleena, Katalin, Katalina, Katalyn, Kataraina, Katarina, Katarzyna, Katcena, Katcera, Katchen, Kate, Kateleen, Katerina, Kateriny, Kath, Katha, Katharine, Kathe, Kathel, Katherina, Katherine, Kathie, Kathleen, Kathleena, Katho, Kathri, Kathrina, Kathryn, Kathy, Katia, Katie, Katina, Katinka, Katinska, Katja, Katlyn, Katra, Katre, Katreen, Katren, Katri, Katrien, Katrijin, Katrijn, Katrika, Katrina, Katrine, Katrinka, Katriona, Kats, Kattel, Katterie, Kattie, Katts, Katushka, Katy, Katya, Katya, Katyleen, Kausar, Kauser, Kauzma, Kawana, Kay, Kaya, Kaye, Kayetan, Kaykaus, Kayla, Kaylea, Kayleigh, Kaylene, Kayley, Kaylie, Kayline, Kayly, Kayne, Kayqobad, Kayyline, Kazim, Kazimier, Kazimiera, Kazimierz, Kazuo, Kean, Keane, Keara, Kearoa, Keatha, Keathea, Kebinna, Kee, Keelan, Keeley, Keelin, Keely, Keeran, Keereel, Kees, Kei, Keiana, Keighley, Keiji, Keikann, Keikanna, Keiko, Kein, Keina, Keir, Keiran, Keita, Keitaro, Keith, Keitha, Kelan, Keld, Kelda, Keleman, Kelemen, Kelley, Kelli, Kellie, Kelly, Kelonna, Kelsey, Kelsie, Kelvin, Kemp, Ken, Ken, Kena, Kendal, Kendall, Kendelle, Kendra, Kendrick, Kenelm, Kenina, Kenn, Kenna, Kennard, Kennedy, Kennet, Kenneth, Kennith, Kennocha, Kenny, Kennyth, Keno, Kent, Kentaro, Kentigern, Kentigerna, Kenton, Kenwyn, Kenya, Keonraad, Kepa, Keran, Keren, Kerena, Kereru, Kerestal, Keri, Kerill, Kermit, Kerr, Kerrie, Kerry, Kersey, Kersie, Kerstan, Kerste, Kersti, Kerstin, Kerstiteli, Kerttu, Keryn, Kester, Kestrel, Kettie, Kettil, Ketty, Keturah, Keung, Keva, Kevan, Keverne, Kevin, Keyna, Kezia, Keziah, Khaaliq, Khaatib, Khabir, Khadija, Khadim, Khair Ul Bashar, Khal Us Subhan, Khalaf, Khalaf Hasan, Khalid, Khalid Ibn al walid, Khalifa, Khalil, Khalil ur Rahman, Khalilullah, Khaliq, Khaliq Uz Zaman, Khalis, Khaluq, Khan, Khandakar, Khashi, Khasib, Khatib, Khayr, Khayr Ud Din, Khayr ul Bashar’, Khayrat, Khayri, Khipa, Khizr, Khizr Khan, Khuda, Khuda Bakhsh, Khuda banda, Khuda Dad, Khudawand, Khulud, Khurram, Khurshid, Khusrau, Khusrau Firuz, Khwaja, Khwaja Abdul Ghani, Khwastager, Ki, Kiara, Kiaria, Kiarra, Kibria, Kichi, Kicki, Kier, Kiera, Kieran, Kieranne, Kiernan, Kierra, Kiet, Kifah, Kiki, Kiko, Kiku, Kiley, Kilian, Kilina, Killara, Killian, Killin, Kilmeny, Kilya, Kim, Kim, Kima, Kima, Kimba, Kimball, Kimberleigh, Kimberley, Kimberly, Kimbra, Kimee, Kimette, Kimi, Kimia, Kimika, Kimiko, Kimiyo, Kimme, Kimmee, Kimmi, Kimmie, Kimmy, Kimothee, Kimothy, Kimy, Kin, Kina, Kindilan, Kinga, Kinge, Kingsley, Kinnea, Kinnera, Kinnia, Kinsey, Kinsie, Kinta, Kioko, Kioshi, Kira, Kirby, Kiri, Kiri, Kirilee, Kirill, Kirilly, Kirily, Kirilyn, Kiritowha, Kirk, Kirra, Kirri, Kirrilly, Kirrily, Kirstay, Kirsten, Kirstie, Kirstin, Kirsty, Kisama, Kisane, Kishi, Kit, Kita, Kitri, Kitty, Kiwa, Kiyo, Kiyoko, Kiyoshi, Kizzie, Kizzy, Kjeld, Kjell, Kjetil, Klaade, Klaara, Klaartje, Klaas, Klaasje, Klaes, Klara, Klarcia, Klarika, Klarissa, Klarrisa, Klas, Klassis, Klaud, Klaudia, Klaudij, Klaudija, Klaudiusz, Klaudja, Klaudya, Klaus, Klavd, Klavdi, Klavdia, Klavdii, Klemansa, Klemen, Klemens, Klemensa, Klementyna, Klementyna, Klemet, Klemin, Klemonte, Kliementas, Klimek, Kliment, Klothilde, Klotylda, Klumens, Knud, Knut, Koba, Kodai, Koenrad, Koenradd, Kogarah, Kohia, Kohinur, Koko, Koldo, Koletta, Kolman, Kolora, Kolos, Kolya, Kondrat, Kong, Kono, Konol, Konrad, Konradin, Konratij, Konstancja, Konstancyna, Konstanij, Konstantin, Konstantyn, Koo, Koppel, Kora, Korbinian, Korbl, Kordel, Kordelya, Kordula, Kore, KoreArethusa, Koree, Koreen, Koren, Kori, Korine, Kornel, Kornelia, Kornelius, Korneliusz, Kort, Koryne, Kosmas, Kostancia, Kostas, Kostelius, Koston, Kostusia, Kostya, Kotika, Kotka, Kotke, Koto, Kovit, Kreine, Kreszenz, Kret, Kriemhild, Kriemhilde, Krimhilde, Kris, Krisian, Krispin, Krista, Kristagis, Kristal, Kristeen, Kristel, Kristen, Kristene, Kristian, Kristie, Kristijntje, Kristin, Kristina, Kristine, Kristle, Kristobel, Kristof, Kristofer, Kristoffer, Kristopas, Kristopher, Kristopias, Kristy, Kristyan, Kristyn, Krita, Krot, Kruschan, Krustinn, Kryspyn, Krystal, Krystle, Krystof, Krystof, Krzysztof, Ksawery, Kseenia, Kuba, Kubbitha, Kueng, Kuini, Kukka, Kulya, Kuma, Kumari, Kumbelin, Kumfuda, Kumiko, Kunad, Kunama, Kundara, Kundavai, Kundegond, Kunds, Kunegonda, Kunegonde, Kunegunda, Kunel, Kunigonde, Kunigunde, Kuniko, Kunl, KunnanBeili, Kunrat, Kunsch, Kuoni, Kura, Kuri, Kurt, Kustaa, Kveta, Kvetoslav, Kvetoslav, Kvetuse, Kvetuska, Kvintinuas, Kwan, KwanYin, Kwedders, Kwiatoslaw, Kyla, Kylan, Kyle, Kylee, Kyleigh, Kylia, Kylie, Kylli, Kym, Kym, Kyna, Kynaston, Kyoko, Kyosti, Kyra, Kyran, Kyrena, Kyrenia, Kyrenia, Kyril

Labhrainn, Labhras, Labib, Lace, Lacey, Lachie, Lachlan, Lachlann, Lachtna, Lacy, Lada, Ladislao, Ladislao, Ladislav, Laetissima, Laetitia, Laidey, Laidy, Laila, Laima, Laine, Lainey, Laini, Lais, Lajos, Lakme, Lakshmi, Laksmi, Lala, Lalage, Lalita, Lalla, Lallie, Lally, Lambert, Lamberta, Lambertine, Lammert, Lamorna, Lamprecht, Lan, Lana, Lance, Lancelot, Lancia, Landine, Landoline, Landovenna, Landrada, Lani, Lanie, Lann, Lanzo, Laocadia, Laoiseach, Lap, Lara, Larain, Laraine, Lareine, Larelle, Larina, Larisa, Larissa, Larisse, Lark, Larry, Lars, Lasar, Lasche, Lashkar, Lassarina, Lasse, Lassi, Laszlo, Lateefa, Latisha, Latona, Latte, Lauma, Launo, Laura, Laurana, Lauranna, Laurans, Lauras, Laure, Laureen, Laurel, Lauren, Laurence, Laurencia, Laurencjusz, Laurenco, Laurencyna, Laurene, Laurene, Laurens, Laurent, Laurentia, Laurentina, Laureola, Lauretta, Laurette, Lauri, Laurice, Laurie, Laurie, Laurinda, Lauris, Lauritj, Lauro, Laurus, Laurynas, Laus, Lavender, Laverne, Lavinia, Lavrenti, Lawan, Lawise, Lawren, Lawrence, Lawrenty, Lawrie, Lawson, Layla, Layton, Laz, Lazare, Lazarus, Lazarz, Lazzaro, Le, Lea, Lea, Leagsaidh, Leah, Lean, Lean, Leanardus, Leander, Leandre, Leandro, Leanne, Leao, Leao, Learna, Learnardas, Leberecht, Lece, Lech, Lechoslaw, Leda, Lee, Lee, Leea, Leeann, Leeann, Leen, Leena, Leentje, Leesa, Leewan, Leewana, Leeza, Legadia, Legana, Legh, Legissima, Lei, Lei, Leib, Leif, Leigh, Leigh, Leighanne, Leighton, Leiko, Leila, Leilani, Leisl, Leith, Leitha, Leiv, Leko, Leksa, Leland, Leli, Lelia, Lelica, Lelle, Lemana, Lement, Lemeta, Lempi, Lemuel, Lemuela, Len, Lena, Lenchen, Lenda, Lene, Leni, Lenia, Lenice, Lenita, Lenke, Lenke, Lennard, Lennart, Lenne, Lennora, Lennorah, Lennox, Lenny, Lenor, Lenora, Lenorah, Lenore, Lenz, Leo, Leo, Leocadia, Leocadie, Leocadio, Leoda, Leokadja, Leokadya, Leola, Leolina, Leoline, Leon, Leona, Leonard, Leonarda, Leonardine, Leonardo, Leonce, Leoncio, Leoncya, Leone, Leonelle, Leongard, Leonhard, Leonhardt, Leonia, Leonice, Leonid, Leonida, Leonide, Leonie, Leonne, Leonnie, Leonor, Leonora, Leonore, Leontia, Leontine, Leontyne, Leontyne, Leonzio, Leopold, Leopoldo, Leopoldyna, Leos, Leot, Leota, Leotie, Leroy, Les, Lesa, Lesbia, Leslaw, Leslee, Lesleigh, Lesley, Leslie, Lesslie, Lester, Leszek, Leszek, Leta, Leticia, Leticya, Letischa, Letizia, Lettice, Lettie, Letty, Leupold, Leura, Lev, Levi, Levina, Lew, Lewanna, Lewelen, Lewie, Lewis, Lex, Lexine, Lexy, Lezlie, Lhamo, Li, Lia, Liam, Liamena, Lian, Liana, Liane, Liang, Lianne, Liaqat, Liavanorija, Liba, Libby, Libe, Libek, Libena, Libenka, Liberad, Liberata, Libertad, Liberty, Libor, Liborek, Libra, Libusa, Libuse, Libuse, Libuska, Licerio, Licia, Licio, Lida, Lidia, Lidmila, Lidwina, Lien, Lienhardt, Lienne, Lieschen, Liese, Lieselotte, Liesl, Life, Ligia, Lijsabeth, Like, Like, Liko, Liko, Lil, Lila, Lilac, Lilah, Lilas, Lili, Lilian, Liliane, Lilie, Liliola, Lilith, Lilla, Lillah, Lillian, Lilliane, LilliPilli, Lilly, Lilo, Lilyann, Lilyanne, Lilybelle, Lin, Lin, Lina, Lincoln, Lind, Linda, Lindal, Lindall, Linden, Lindesay, Lindi, Lindie, Lindon, Lindsay, Lindsey, Lindy, Linet, Linette, Linford, Ling, Linley, Linn, Linn, Linnea, Linnet, Linnette, Linnette, Linot, Linsay, Linsey, Linton, Linus, Linuscha, Linzi, Lion, Liona, Lionardo, Lionel, Lionello, Lip, Lipa, Lipsts, Lira, Lis, Lisa, Lisabeth, Lisabetta, Lisabette, Lisan, Lisan Ud Din, Lisandra, Lisaura, Lisbet, Lisbeth, Lischen, Lise, Liselotte, Lisenka, Liseotte, Liserli, Lisette, Lisettina, Lisha, Lisinka, Lisle, Liso, Liss, Lissa, Lisset, Lisset, Lita, Liucija, Liudvika, Liusaidh, Liv, Livia, Liz, Liza, Lizabeth, Lizanne, Lizbeta, Lizbeth, Lizette, Lizzie, Lizzy, Ljeena, Ljena, Ljudevit, Ljudmila, Llatzer, Llelo, Lleo, Lleonard, Lleu, Lleuleu, Llew, Llewella, Llewellyn, Llewelyn, Llian, Llogaia, Llora, Llorenc, Lloyd, Lluc, Lluch, Lluis, Lluka, Llyellyn, Llywarch, Lo, LoArna, Lochlainn, Lochlan, Locket, Lockett, Lockie, Lodewijk, Lodewyck, Lodi, Lodoe, Lodoiska, Lodoletta, Lodovico, Lodowick, Loffe, Logan, Loila, Lois, Lok, Lola, Lolicia, Lolita, Lolly, Lolotte, Loma, Loman, Lona, Lonan, Lone, Long, Long, Loni, Lonie, Lonnie, Lood, Lope, Lora, Loraine, Lorand, Lorane, Lorant, Lorayne, Lorcan, Lore, Loredana, Loreen, Loreena, Lorelei, Lorelle, Lorelly, Loren, Lorena, Lorencio, Lorenco, Lorencs, Lorene, Lorenja, Lorenz, Lorenza, Lorenzo, Lores, Loreto, Loretta, Lorette, Lori, Lorica, Lorin, Lorinda, Loris, Loritz, Lorna, Lorne, Lorrae, Lorraine, Lorrayne, Lorri, Lorrin, Lorus, Lothair, Lothar, Lotje, Lotta, Lotte, Lottelore, Lottie, Lotty, Lotus, Lou, Louella, Loughlin, Louie, Louiisa, Louis, Louisa, Louise, Lourdes, Louvaine, Lova, Love, Lovell, Lovisa, Lovise, Lovre, Lowana, Lowell, Loyal, Loyd, Luana, Luanna, Luanna, Luba, Lubek, Lubena, Lubin, Lubinka, Lubka, Lubomierz, Lubomir, Lubomira, Lubomirek, Lubor, Luborek, Lubos, Lubosek, Luboska, Luc, Luca, Lucacs, Lucan, Lucas, Lucasta, Luce, Lucelia, Lucetta, Lucia, Lucian, Luciana, Lucianna, Luciano, Lucianus, Lucie, Luciella, Lucien, Lucienne, Lucilla, Lucille, Lucina, Lucinda, Lucinde, Lucine, Lucio, Lucius, Lucka, Lucrece, Lucretia, Lucrezia, Lucy, Lucya, Lucza, Ludek, Ludevit, Ludger, Ludi, Ludmila, Ludmilla, Ludo, Ludoisia, Ludomierz, Ludomir, Ludovia, Ludovic, Ludovica, Ludovica, Ludovicus, Ludovik, Ludowiska, Ludoyicus, Ludvick, Ludvig, Ludvik, Ludwig, Ludwik, Ludwika, Luella, Luelle, Luft, Luft Ul Baari’, Luft ur Rahman, Lughaidh, Luigi, Luis, Luisa, Luise, Luiseach, Luisella, Luitgard, Luitger, Luitpold, Luiz, Luiza, Luizinha, Luka, Lukas, Lukasz, Lukaz, Luke, Lukrecya, Lulita, Lulu, Lumir, Luned, Lunedette, Lupe, Lupita, Luqman, Lurdes, Lurleen, Lurline, Lurnea, Lusa, Lusche, Lutana, Lute, Lutf Ul Baari, Lutfi, Lutfullah, Luthais, Luther, Lutz, Luz, Luzdivina, Luzetta, Luzetta, Luzette, Luzia, Luzian, Luzie, Luzio, Lyall, Lycoris, Lydia, Lydie, Lyell, Lyle, Lyn, Lyn, Lynda, Lyndal, Lyndall, Lyndon, Lyndy, Lynelle, Lynetta, Lynette, Lyneve, Lynfa, Lynn, Lynne, Lynnette, Lynsay, Lynsey, Lynwen, Lyonell, Lyonella, Lyov, Lypsie, Lypsy, Lyra, Lys, Lysette, Lyssa, Lystra, Lyuba, Lyubov

Ma’in, Maacha, Maajid, Maarten, Maartje, Maas, Maata, Mab, Mabbina, Mabel, Mabele, Mabella, Mabelle, Mabilla, Mable, Mabon, Mabruk, Macaire, Macaria, Macario, MacDara, Macha, Machi, Machiko, Machtild, Machtild, Macias, Maciec, Maciej, Maciek, Macisk, Macra, Macrina, Madailein, Madalena, Madalene, Madd, Maddalena, Madde, Maddie, Maddy, Madelaine, Madeleine, Madelina, Madeline, Madelon, Madge, Madhava, Madhavi, Madira, Madlen, Madlena, Madlinka, Madlyn, Madlyna, Mado, Madoline, Madolyn, Madonna, Madra, Madri, Madrona, Mads, Madsche, Madzia, Mae, Mae, Maeko, Maelle, Maeloisa, Maemi, Maeve, Mafalda, Mafdet, Maga, Magaidh, Magali, Magalie, Magda, Magdala, Magdalen, Magdalena, Magdaleny, Magdalina, Magdalone, Magdelene, Magdolna, Magge, Maggie, Maghnus, Maginild, Magli, Magnild, Magnolia, Magnus, Magnuss, Magosia, Magryta, Magtelt, Maha, Mahadeva, MahaDevi, Mahala, Mahalath, Mahalia, Mahalia, Maharite, Mahasin, Mahault, Mahaut, Mahbub, Mahbubullah, Mahdi, Mahfuz, Mahib, Mahir, Mahjub, Mahla, Mahlah, Mahmud, Mahmud Un Nabi, Mahon, Mahoul, Mahoul, Mahra, Mahrus, Mahtab, Mahuru, Mai, Mai, Mai, Mai, Maia, Maible, Maica, Maida, Maidel, Maidey, Maidie, Maie, Maieli, Maier, Maighread, Maigret, Maije, Maika, Maike, Maili, Maillard, Maimum, Maina, Mainchin, Mainna, Maion, Mair, Maire, Mairead, Maireag, Mairghead, Mairgret, Mairi, Mairia, Mairin, Mairtin, Maisie, Maisur, Maite, Maitias, Maitiu, Maixence, Maiziesius, Maj, Maja, Majdi, Majeed, Majella, Majlis, Majlisi, Majmudar, Majzub, Makar, Makarena, Makareta, Makari, Makary, Make, Makoto, Makram, Maksimilian, Maksymilian, Mal, Mala, Malachi, Malachie, Malachy, Malcolm, Malcolmina, Malea, Malea, Malee, Malee, Malene, Maley, Maley, Malfrid, Malgerita, Malgherita, Malgorzata, Malgosia, Mali, Mali, Maliella, Malih, Malik, Malik Shah, Malin, Malina, Malinda, Malinde, Malissa, Malkah, Mallory, Mallt, Malva, Malvin, Malvina, Malwine, Mame, Mamie, Man, Manas, Manasses, Manat, Manchu, Mancia, Manda, Mandalina, Mandel, Mandy, Manette, Manette, Manfred, Manfredo, Manfrid, Manfried, Mangalia, Mani, Mania, Manka, Manley, Manlio, Manna, Mannix, Mannolita, Manny, Manoel, Manola, Manolette, Manolis, Manolita, Manolo, Manon, Manovello, Mans, ManShik, Manto, Manuel, Manuela, Manuelita, Manuelo, Manus, Manya, ManYoung, Manzo, Maoiliosa, Maois, Maolmuire, Maolra, Maon, Mara, Marathon, Marc, Marca, Marcas, Marcea, Marcel, Marcelino, Marcella, Marcelle, Marcellin, Marcellina, Marcelline, Marcellino, Marchesa, Marcia, Marciana, Marcie, Marcille, Marcin, Marck, Marco, Marcos, Marcus, Marcy, Marda, Mardi, Mardi, Mardia, Mardie, Mare, Marea, Marecek, Mareczek, Mared, Maredudd, Maree, Mareena, Marei, Mareiel, Marek, Marelda, Marella, Maren, Maren, Marene, Mareo, Mares, Maresa, Maret, Maretta, Marette, Marfa, Marga, Margalit, Margalo, Marganit, Marganita, Margaret, Margareta, Margarete, Margareth, Margaretha, Margarethe, Margarethe, Margarida, Margarita, Margarite, Margat, Margata, Margaux, Marge, Marged, Margen, Margeri, Margerie, Margery, Margetta, Margherita, Marghet, Margiad, Margie, Margit, Margo, Margolis, Margot, Margote, Margret, Margreta, Margrete, Margrethe, Margriet, Margrit, Margryta, Marguerita, Marguerite, Mari, Mari, Maria, Mariabelle, Mariah, Marialit, Mariamme, Mariamna, Mariamne, Marian, Mariana, Mariane, Marianne, Mariano, MariaTheresia, Maribel, Maribella, Maribelle, Marica, Marice, Marie, MarieAnge, Mariedel, MarieFrance, MarieJosee, Marieke, Mariel, Mariella, Marielle, Marieta, Marietta, Mariette, Marigold, Marij, Marija, Marijse, Marik, Marika, Mariko, Marilee, Marilene, Marilin, Mariln, Marilyn, Marin, Marina, Marinha, Marintha, Mario, Marion, Marionne, Maripepa, Maripila, Mariquilla, Mariquita, Marirrosa, Maris, Maris, Marisa, Marise, Marisha, Marisol, Marissa, Marit, Marita, Maritsa, Mariucca, Marius, Marja, Marjanka, Marjarita, Marjatta, Marjeta, Marjolaine, Marjoleine, Marjorie, Marjory, Mark, Marka, Marketa, Marketa, Markete, Marketta, Marketta, Markika, Markku, Marko, Marku, Markus, Marla, Marlana, Marlane, Marlee, Marleen, Marlena, Marlene, Marlene, Marline, Marlon, Marmaduke, Marna, Marne, Marney, Marney, Marni, Marnia, Marnie, Marny, Maro, Maron, Marousek, Maroye, Marquilla, Marquita, Marquite, Marreen, Marret, Marri, Marrije, Marriot, Marsaili, Marsala, Marsali, Marsh, Marsha, Marshall, Marsia, Marsika, Marta, Martainn, Martan, Martel, Marten, Martha, Marthe, Marthena, Marti, Martie, Martijn, Martili, Martin, Martina, Martine, Martinho, Martino, Martinus, Martirio, Martita, Marton, Martti, Marty, Martyn, Martyna, Martynas, Maru, Maruise, Maruja, Maruorie, Marus, Marusche, Marusia, Marva, Marvalee, Marvin, Marwen, Marwyn, Mary, Marya, MaryJane, Maryke, Marylin, MaryLou, MaryLouise, Marylyn, Marynia, Marysia, Maryvonne, Marzena, Masago, Masahiro, Masao, Masato, Mascotte, Masha, Maslaw, Maso, Maso, Mason, Massimiliano, Massimo, Masterman, Mat, Mata, Matakerepo, Matausas, Mate, Matej, Matejek, Matejicek, Matejik, Matelda, Mateo, Mateoz, Mateu, Mateus, Mateusz, Matfei, Matha, Mathes, Mathew, Mathia, Mathias, Mathies, Mathieu, Mathild, Mathilda, Mathilde, Mathuin, Matilda, Matilde, Matilly, Matiu, Matousek, Matred, Matrika, Matrona, Matryona, Matryosha, Matryoshka, Mats, Matt, Mattaus, Mattea, Matteo, Matthes, Matthew, Matthias, Matthieu, Matthijs, Matti, Mattia, Mattie, Mattie, Matties, Mattis, Mattius, Mattiwilda, Mattylda, Matui, Matus, Matusek, Matuszek, Matvei, Matvi, Matya, Matyas, Matylda, Matys, Matysek, Matyusha, Matyushka, Maud, Mauda, Maude, Mauderina, Maudie, Mauno, Maura, Maureen, Maurene, Mauri, Maurice, Mauricio, Maurine, Mauritius, Maurits, Maurizia, Maurizio, Maurn, Mauro, Maury, Maurya, Maurycy, Mauve, Mave, Mavia, Mavis, Mavra, Mavriki, Maweke, Max, Maxi, Maxim, Maxima, Maxime, Maximilien, Maximillian, Maximo, Maxine, Maxwell, May, Maya, Mayariya, Maybel, Maybelle, Mayda, Maygan, Maynard, Mayo, Mayoree, Mayr, Mayra, Mayrah, Mayree, Mazalein, Mazaline, McKenzie, Meagan, Meaghan, Meara, Meave, Mecek, Mechel, Mecheslav, Mechtilde, Mechtildis, Mecik, Mecina, Mecislav, Mecislava, Mecislavek, Mecka, Meda, Medardo, Medea, Medha, Medina, Medir, Medora, Medula, Mee, MeeDuc, Meegan, MeeQuan, MeeSanh, Mefodi, Mefodya, Meg, Megan, Meggie, Meghan, Meghann, Mehalia, Mehaut, Mehetabel, Mehitabel, Mei, Meic, Meical, Meier, Meilyr, Meinard, Meinhard, Meinrad, Meinwen, Meir, Meirion, Meiriona, Meirionwen, Meiying, Mejorana, Mel, Mela, Melania, Melanian, Melanie, Melanippe, Melantha, Melany, Melba, Melchiorre, Melda, Melek, Melek, Melek, Melena, Melesa, Melessa, Melia, Melice, Melicent, Melina, Melinda, Melinde, Melinga, Melior, Meliora, Melisa, Melisande, Melisenda, Melisent, Melissa, Melissah, Melisse, Melissia, Melita, Melitina, Melitta, Melloney, Melloney, Mellony, Mellvin, Melly, Melody, Meloney, Melony, Melor, Melrosa, Melusine, Melva, Melville, Melvin, Melvina, Melvyn, Melynda, Menachem, Menahem, Menchu, Mendel, Menefrida, Menehould, Menia, Menna, Menuha, Menuhah, Meo, Merab, Merance, Mercede, Mercedes, Merche, Mercia, Mercy, Mere, Mered, Meredith, Merel, Merelyn, Merence, Mererid, Meret, Mereta, Merete, Merewenna, Merfyn, Mergen, Meridel, Meridith, Meriel, Meril, Merilyn, Merinda, Merle, Merlin, Merlyn, Merna, Merpati, Merridy, Merrilie, Merrill, Merrily, Merry, Merryn, Merten, Mertice, Meru, Merula, Meruvina, Merv, Mervin, Mervo, Mervyn, Merwin, Merwin, Merwyn, Meryl, Meshkhent, Meshulam, Messina, Mestra, Meta, Meta, Metelill, Metje, Metodej, Metody, Metria, Mettabel, Mette, Mette, Meurig, Meurisse, Meyer, Mhari, Mia, Miandetta, MiaoJing, MiaoShan, Micaela, Micah, Mical, Micala, Michael, Michaela, Michal, Michalina, Michan, Miche, Micheal, Michee, Michel, Michelangelo, Michele, Michelina, Micheline, Michella, Michelle, Michi, Michiel, Michiko, Michio, Mick, Mickey, Micky, Micolau, Midori, Mie, Mieczyslaw, Miedal, Mieke, Mieke, Mieko, Miel, Miep, Mieszko, Mietek, Mietje, Mietta, Mieze, Miffany, Migdonia, Mignon, Mignonette, Miguel, Miguela, Miguelita, Mihael, Mihai, Mihaly, Mihangel, Mija, Mika, Mikael, Mikaela, Mikaere, Mikail, Mikala, Mike, Mikel, Mikelena, Mikey, Mikhail, Mikhailo, Miki, Mikia, Mikiala, Mikie, Mikio, Mikita, Mikiyo, Mikka, Mikkel, Mikki, Mikki, Mikkie, Mikkiya, Mikko, Mikko, Miklos, Miko, Miko, Mikolaj, Mikolas, Mikolja, Mikulasek, Mikus, Mila, Milada, Miladka, Milagros, Milan, Milana, Milanka, Milara, Milcah, Milda, Mildred, Mildrid, Mile, Milena, Milenka, Miles, Milesius, Milica, Milice, Milika, Milissent, Miliza, Milka, Milka, Milla, Millicent, Millicia, Millie, Millissa, Milly, Milo, Milon, Milos, Miloslav, Miloslava, Miloslaw, Miloslawa, Milosz, Milton, Milus, Miluse, Miluska, Mimi, Mimmeli, Mimosa, Mina, Minaksh, Mine, Mine, Mineko, Minerva, Minette, Minh, Minhao, Minhduc, Minhkhan, Minhtong, Minhy, Minka, Minna, Minne, Minnette, Minnie, Minore, Minoru, Minta, Mintha, Mio, Miquel, Miquela, Mira, Mirabel, Mirabella, Mirabelle, Mirabil, Mirabilla, Mirabooka, Miranda, Mireille, Mirek, Mirella, Mirelle, Miren, Mirentxu, Miriam, Miriamne, Mirka, Miroslav, Miroslava, Miroslaw, Miroslawa, Mirrin, Mirzda, Mischa, Misha, Mishael, Mishelle, Misia, Misty, Mitch, Mitchell, Mitra, Mitrofan, Mitroshka, Mitya, Mitya, Mitzi, Miwa, Miwako, Miya, Miyana, Miyanna, Miyo, Miyoko, Miyuke, Miyuki, Miyuki, Mlada, Mladena, Mladka, Mladuska, Mo, Mo, Modest, Modestine, Modesto, Modya, Moe, Moetuma, Mogens, Mohi, Mohini, Moina, Moira, Moirean, Moise, Moishe, Moissey, Mojzesz, Moledina, Moll, Mollie, Mollo, Molly, Mona, Moncha, Monche, Moncho, Monday, Monessa, Monetta, Monette, Monica, Monicia, Monika, Monike, Moninna, Monique, Monkey, Monro, Monroe, Monse, Montague, Montaro, Montero, Montgomerie, Montgomery, Montmorency, Montse, Montserrat, Monty, Moona, Mor, Morag, Moray, Mordecai, Moree, Moreen, Moreno, Morgaine, Morgan, Morgana, Morgwen, Moria, Morie, Morina, Morio, Moritz, Morley, Morna, Morrin, Morris, Morrish, Morta, Morten, Morten, Mortimer, Morton, Morven, Morwenna, Mose, Moses, Moshe, Mosina, Moss, Mostyn, Motepa, Motke, Motl, Motya, Moya, Moyna, Moyra, Moyse, Mozelle, Mroz, Mrozek, Mscislaw, Mstik, Mstislav, Mufridah, Muhammad Iiyas, Muhammad Iqbal, Muhammad Lashkari, Muir, Muire, Muireach, Muireall, Muireann, Muirgheas, Muirghheal, Muiriartach, Muiriol, Muiris, Muirne, Mum, Muna, Mundai, Munga, Mungo, Munny, Munro, Munroe, Mura, Murdag, Murdanie, Murdann, Murdie, Murdina, Murdo, Murdoch, Murdy, Murgatroyd, Muriel, Murielle, Murna, Murphy, Murrakeen, Murray, Murty, Murvyn, Musa, Musa Al Kazim, Musetta, Musette, Musidora, Mustafa Kalam, Mut, Mychal, Myer, Myf, Myfanwy, Myff, Myfina, Myles, Myne, Mynette, Myra, Myriam, Myrna, Myrna, Myron, Myrope, Myrrha, Myrrine, Myrtle, Myslik, Myuna, MyungDae